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Xiang Jie Wallpaper Has Chosen To Use Maintenance Repair Tips!

Select Wallpaper , The first to understand the performance of wallpaper. Symbols from the wallpaper to get the product. Decorative wallpaper color from the pattern can be divided into two different schools. A kind of pattern using realistic techniques, such as landscapes, flowers, birds, cartoon characters, etc., this wallpaper is suitable Chinese aesthetic concepts, but after pasting a large area is likely to unsatisfactory results. Therefore, the use of more specific environment, such as children use cartoon wallpaper room, bedroom, use wall paper, study of selected landscape wallpaper more. Another design uses an abstract way, in the dominant imported wallpaper. This wallpaper look alone when it comes to messy, but after pasting large decorative effect is very good, especially for such a large space in the living room Decoration Use.

Buy wallpaper home decoration, the main is to select patterns and colors. Wallpaper manufacturers in the production of wallpaper, each design will have several different color combinations. Thus, in determining the pattern, the repeated contrast to the effects of various color combinations, and to home improvement with the overall style, color of unity, with particular attention to study the effect of a large area after use, so as to select the better fit their own living space wallpaper.

2. Wallpaper paste primary treatment Wallpaper paste primary surface must be clean, smooth. Therefore, in the paste before processing of the primary, the general is Putty Leveling. Use the putty in three ways: First, putty plaster to latex, gypsum powder or talcum powder, 2.5% Cellulose Modulation ratio of the solution is made by 121,022.5; Second greasy son of gypsum powder, cooked tung oil, varnish cool wake modulation by the ratio by 102 122; third SG821 putty, this is a factory of bag products, use only After mixing with water can be used with the curing speed, high surface hardness, does not crack, can not afford to powder the advantages of home decoration Project The main use of such grass-roots leveling putty treatment. Processing surface of base, first to clean up the grass so no dust, oil collapse, debris, etc.. Then according to the actual situation of grassroots wipe putty scraper, scrape the general should be at least twice, to the smooth grass-roots level up until the putty is dry, use fine sandpaper to remove scratches and debris before any residual wallpaper paste.

3. Wallpaper paste Paste the wallpaper, we should first carry out bomb wire . Elastic line is treated primary. The shells on the horizontal and vertical lines, so that when the evidence-based paste, to ensure the quality of paste. The first line should be the first bomb on the wall outside of wallpaper paste, position should be set in the corner, less than the width of 50-80 millimeters wallpaper, wallpaper that can cut side on the corner of the wall of the yin; second line should be elastic in the center line of walls with windows to ensure that the wall between window designs symmetric F Yang angle in the wall the third is the top pop-up level, control level degree.

Trimmer is an important part of wallpaper paste, the Department should measure out top of the wall in the end, after the high kick, paper cut in the ground will be good, wallpaper sizes of materials to be longer than the actual size of l0-20 mm, the need for Flower Mosaic wallpaper, especially the major patterns of wallpaper, in order to avoid waste, from top to deal with flowers, thus the size of different parts of their overall planning of cutting paper and cut paper prepared as a good number, according to the order of paste. To cut a good wallpaper paste through wet before, the general in water infiltration, the place 10 minutes gluing.

Gluing wallpaper paste is a key link in order to ensure the firmness of paste, wallpaper on the back and the wall should be gluing, brushing glue required uniform, tight, no leakage of brush, be careful not to wrap the edge from the heap, to prevent dirty wallpaper. Wallpaper wall width gluing width should be more than 30 mm. After gluing the back of wallpaper, plastic side should be placed with the plastic face of Diego, not only can prevent the adhesive surface to dry quickly, but also to prevent the pollution of paper at the same time easy to paste operation.

Paper hanger principle is, after the first vertical level, beginning with the first post, the first high to low. The first piece of paper from the wall of the vaginal angle starting paste, according to bomb a good vertical line hanging straight, slightly flattened from top to bottom, by the middle to apply pressure on both sides, then scraper from top to bottom, from the middle wipe the sides scraped to make wallpapers and wall stickers really make wallpaper formation.

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