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Have you become a victim of a frozen Xbox? Or even experienced the dreaded RROD? I know I have.

I play my Xbox a lot, probably more than I should, but that’s beside the point. Anyways I was playing Burnout Paradise one day and as I was drifting around the turn ready to pass through the finish line, it froze. The game started putting out these weird repetitive sounds and I couldn’t move. I was hoping that maybe the game would unfreeze and I would be able to finish the race, but I had no luck.

So like I’m sure you and many others have done I searched the internet for ways to fix it. I was fearful of getting the dreaded red ring of death as I had previously gotten it and had to send my Xbox away to Microsoft for repairs. This was the same thing that had happened last time. It froze then a few days late I got the RROD. Well, sure enough a few days after it freezing I got the RROD. After spending $ 140.00 to get it fixed the first time I wasn’t about ready to send it away again, half to pay again and half to wait another month and a half for my console to be sent back to me.

So in search of a solution I was able to find some Xbox support sites that all gave suggestions to fix it. None of them worked. Becoming frustrated and about ready to give up my search I cam across Xbox support guide reviews. The site gave reviews on top Xbox support guides and gave recommendations. Running low on options I decided to give the first one a try.

To my surprise after using the guide to fix my Xbox, the ring went away and I was able to play my games again. It didn’t cost me that much and it saved me a ton of time. I never thought that it would actually be possible but it was.

If you too have run into problems I strongly suggest you check out the site, it helped me and I know it can help you:

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