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Why the Android Phone Is Good News for the Mobile World


With technology progressing in leaps and bounds, newer operating systems are the order of the day. Today, there are several systems on which a mobile phone works. There’s Java, Symbian, Flash and even proprietary operating systems like the ones on iPhone and Windows.

The latest entrant in the cell phone OS market is the Android operating system. The Android operating system is an open source operating system that has been developed by Google and other technology companies. Here are three reasons why the Android operating system is great for the world of mobiles.

Mobiles get cheaper:

Basically, the hardware that goes in making a mobile does not cost much, unless they are using some special devices and materials like a professional camera lens, or gold or silver body, etc. The most expensive part of the mobile phone is the OS. With the free OS the cost of mobile should come down considerably because a big chunk of the price is no longer applicable.

Technology will get better:

While mobile systems have become better and faster, there is still scope for advancement and a brand new operating system will definitely get better service and features to the end user. So, the users should be ready for a great adventure – just like the times when the end users discovered the joys of SMS, MMS, etc. back in the ’80s and ’90s.

Better Services:

Just like how the iPhone allows third party technologists to make applications, Android phones will welcome third party technology. This will allow end users to have better, newer applications that will definitely increase the mobile phone’s value – which will definitely make the price one pays for the mobile phone look like peanuts.

Google Products:

Are you tired of using other products for simple actions like checking Google Mail, Google Documents and other products? Well, with Android phones, it becomes super easy to use all things Google. And with the quality and popularity of Google Products, you can be sure that you are getting onto a good bandwagon.

These are the top four reasons why Android phones are sure to make a splash in the mobile market soon. There are several Android phones that are available today, and the cost of these phones is coming down after every quarter.

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