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Why Do Herbalife Reviews Vary So Much?


If you are researching Herbalife, you have probably noticed that no two reviews are the same. Many reviews about Herbalife offer conflicting information that can be hard for readers to sort through. Some reviews promote Herbalife as a viable MLM and Home-based Business opportunity, while others flag Herbalife as a pyramid scam. Let me help to clear things up.

what are the reasons for the increased conflicting reviews?

A long time ago, Herbalife was one of many companies, including Amway, Nuskin, and Shaklee that went under hard and fast. Back then, these companies used compensation plans that were out of touch. These ancient giants of the MLM industry used business models and product lines couldn’t adapt to the changing needs of both their sellers and their markets.

MLMs did manage to progress and over time, people really began to understand the value in this model for creating their own home-based business. Visionary entrepreneurs developed new compensation plans for their new companies, adapting their business models to use uni-levels and binaries rather than breakaway plans.

These new compensation structures are more easily adaptable to the changing needs of both consumers and distributors, and that flexibility allows them to stand the test of time.

even though Herbalife has tried to modify their compensation scheme by adding various feature such a way that one can reach higher levels within this plan they still had it based on the old school plan accordingly more cash flows into the hands of the higher level executives and not the new members. but this is not the cause for the going down of Herbalife

In my opinion, Herbalife neglected to explore one of the most important aspects of a flexible, enduring company when they did not expand their funding for research and development. NuSkin, for example, made a bold and brilliant move when they created their sister company Pharmanex, and both have pushed to stay modern and cutting edge by improving product value, and expanding their product lines.

A different method or strategy was chosen by herbalife to expand its profit. They started campaigning highly in places with less MLM activity. This had both positive and negative effects.

Because of their compensation structure, an attempt at maximizing profits while limiting the investment into research and development destroyed Herbalife’s reputation in some of the marketplaces they initially developed. However, their aggressive ad campaigns brought the MLM model to markets that before then had never seen this type of industry before, and provided opportunities for new markets to develop. Personally, I think that Herbalife tried to take the easy way out by making as much money as possible as quickly as possible, instead of investing in and developing a long-term marketplace.

As MLM industry started to grow and newer companies began to rise Herbalife started facing competition even in countries where they still remained to be one of the few available options. This added to the decline of Herbalife’s capability to capture these untapped markets and thus lowered their gain and number of customers.

Herbalife has decided to upgrade their website, and to increase their product line. This could bring the company back to the forefront and make it a trusted option for starting ones home based business.

But is a return impossible for Herbalife?

Quite possibly. Their potential revival could put you at the forefront of an company that has the financial backing to become a good opportunity but as I see it they are still behind the times in their product quality although they have quite significantly expanded their product line.

I think that Herbalife needs to refocus its efforts on product quality above all else, and then look at developing new products or product lines. If they can invest more time and money into these two fundamental areas, you could profit from a very viable home-based business opportunity. However, the company’s track record for being slow to react to consumer demands and the changing market might mean that Herbalife’s reputation is damaged beyond repair. This will become obvious over the next little while as the company’s new website is completed and their new products become more widely available.

herbalife has a better base in most of the countries than most of the MLMs can even imagine. If you are familiar with Spanish and have a talent in internet marketing then you have greater chance of becoming successful with Herbalife. I am strongly of the opinion that Herbalife has most opportunities for those who are bi lingual in Spanish and English. It is also my belief that even without being bilingual there are other opportunities that help you to have your own MLM home based business.

It is said to make clear of my stand on Herbalife. It is also a good choice for those who are based on two languages, and not so good for those who are not. They might still posses the capability but do not make it to the top of my list.

Ellie Gant is the editor for Online MLM Secrets, where you can objective, expert advice about Herbalife. While you’re there, be sure to claim your FREE instant access to Jonathan Budd’s 8 Day Mastermind Herbalife Bootcamp, 100% free.

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