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Weekly News in Pictures: Feb 21

As a rule, weekly news in pictures will help reader update the event of the previous week. North Korean gave best wishes for the birthday of Kim Jong-II; Diamond Square in Libya was attacked by thousands of demonstrators; ants enjoyed heart-shaped food on Valentive occasion; an Egyptian Sphinx sculpture was covered in fruits; or the world\’s first wind-powered car and so on are notable images of last week. Let’s get a closer look at the prime issues through the following photos.


North Korea Kim\’s Birthday

The photo by Korean Central News Agency via Korea News Service in Tokyo captured synchronized swimmers in performance on occasion of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il\’s birthday at the swimming pool of the Changgwang Health Complex on Feb. 15.

The excellent performance of synchronized swimmers


Bahrain demonstration

Thousands of demonstrators gather against Government at Diamond Square in Bahrain city center, Manama.

The new snapshot

Students plays on snow ground of a Tokyo school, Japan.

Nature moment

Sunrise in Bilbao, Spa shows a spectacularly lenticular cloud formation (also known as a UFO cloud)

Shrunk stadium

Harwinder Singh Gill , an Indian artist, displays a model of cricket stadium in Amritstar, Cricket World Cup Champaign 2011 in India, Sri Lanka and Banladesh from Feb. 10 to Apr. 2 with 14 nations taking part in the marathon six-week tournament.

The Indian artist beside his work


Lemon Carnival

An Egyptian Sphinx sculpture are made with citrus fruit in Menton on the French Riviera, ahead of the start of the town\’s 78th Fete du Citron (Lemon Carnival).

A fruit work at Lemon Carnival



The 61th Italian Music Festival

Pole dancers in performance of the 61th Italian Music Festival in San Remo


Ants’ Valentine

It looks as if these leaf cutter ants were in Valentine\’s Day mood, they carry red hearts back to their nest. But actually, their keeper, Hants, at Marwell Wildlife near Winchester cut the ants\’ favourite foods into the right shapes for them.

Red color seems to have great appeal to ants.

Northern lights

The aurora borealis, or northern lights, light up the sky above the village of Ersfjordbotn, near Tromso, northern Norway.


Record snowfall’s consequence

South Korean soldiers search for people buried under snow at a market after the roof collapsed under the weight of a record snowfall in the northeastern coastal city of Samcheok.

The soldiers are in effort to looking for snowfall\’s victims


World\’s first wind-powered car

Wind-Explorer, the world\’s first wind-powered car, is driven across Australia road. The car, which are recharged by windmill every night, travelled more than 5,000 km from Perth, Adelaide to Melbourne.


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