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Weekly News in Picture (November 15 – 20)


There are many noticeable events happening every week, called weekly spotlights, related to all the fields of life including culture, society, politics, sport, economics, entertainment, and so on. At each field, there are lots of highlighted events contributing into the huge deal of news and events around the world after the passing-out week. As usual, we have chances to review impressive events in the third week of November 2010 via the most breathtaking images. The costumes made from food by Ted Sabarese and Ami Goodheart; the replica of comedian Billy Connolly made by foodscape artist Carl Warner; the Piglet Bank created by Belfast designer Colin Hart and so on are among the most notable spotlights of the passing-out week. Let’s have a thorough review at the most memorial weekly events between November 15 and 20 via the most stunning images as follows.


It took nearly 12 months for Belfast designer Colin Hart to complete the piggy bank named Piglet Bank looking like a real piglet. Piglet Bank costs US $ 4,000, relevant to £2,500


The costumes were made from food by Ted Sabarese and his friend Ami Goodheart including banana skins, pieces of bread, and chocolates


The replica of well-known comedian Billy Connolly was created by famous foodscape artist Carl Warner. The masterpiece was made from fruits, vegetables, cheeses, breads, fish, meat and grains


Hatice Kocaman, 21 years old, is the smallest woman in the world. The Turkish woman is only 71cm (28in) in height and just 6.8kg (15lb) in weight


Sultan Kosen, the world’s tallest Man from Turkey featured with the height of 8.4 feet (2,46m) breaking the Guinness Book of World Records


Four dolphins were spotted surfing at Sandy Bay in northern New Zealand


A US Navy E-6B airplane was surrounded by a swarm of birds during its landing at the Fort Smith Regional Airport in Arkansas, US


200 students arranged to form a huge smile in an event organized by the SOS Villages d’Enfants (SOS Children’s Villages) in Paris, France


A new type of tourist tent well-equipped like a luxurious hotel room was introduced in France for $ 640 per night


A 28-storey apartment block in Shanghai, China was on fire causing the 58 deaths and dozens injured


Tourists are bathing in wine in a spa resort Hakone Yunessun, Hakone, Kanagawa, Japan


The diversity of dance styles and cultural attractions were shown off in Erotica 2010, London



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