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1 22, the United States to a cross-country car race, the car ready, TV crews are busy with high-definition video camera records it all. Figure in staff are remote control, using a modified micro-helicopter model aircraft camera. The United States in 2009 to stop the broadcast analog TV signals, so the woman from the Rose Bowl this year, the Super Bowl tournament began, the Americans began to pursue the concept of high-definition, HDTV spread much faster.

  Hardware: No matter how good the effects are top-level equipment, get out

For commercial broadcasters such as CCTV is, SONY HDW-750P HD camcorder is a more common configuration.

On the HDW-M2100P a striking compatibility, can pass to kill, including DVCAM recording format, including a number of SDTV, SDTV to HDTV help achieve a smooth transition.

Using Avid DS Nitris HD video editing system of HDTV studio.

System Requirements: luxury to the extreme

HDTV is the acronym for High DefinisionTV. Generally believed, HDTV video playback accuracy of the existing television system will be at least 3 times. Therefore, HDTV resolution also sent birth to three criteria, namely, 720P (1280 × 720, progressive), 1080i (1920 × 1080i, interlaced), 1080P (1920 × 1080i, progressive). In addition to video effects

full upgrade, HDTV uses Dobly’s AC-3 audio coding, the total bid farewell to now use a single SDTV channel transfer mode. Of course, such programs are often “volume” was surprising, a 1080P format of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy will need close to 70GB capacity!

HDTV programming on replay equipment is extremely demanding requirements. As the resolution grew considerably and the introduction of 5.1, making use of a variety of HDTV programming to be compressed in order to be widely used coding scheme (not compressed HDTV1080P programs need per second 150Mb / s bit rate). Pilot countries at this stage of HDTV, multi-encoding standard using MPEG-2TS. The new MPEG-4 has a good structure and a greater compression ratio of the H.264 coding standard is a rising star. In addition, China has independently developed a program called AVS for HDTV encoding.

Since all HDTV programs need compression, then the player must decode the time. In fact, P43GHz CPU/512MB RAM/128MB a combination of face memory card MPEG-2 TS1080i format HDTV programming is absolutely breathless. Smooth playback of H.264 decoder to use PC code 1080P program is impossible for the county.

In the past: traditional video “plastic plate spinning” It was a nightmare

This stage, we see HDTV programs, most are original and some movies or documentaries to re-create the famous come. Actually, not all the original films and television programs can be easily converted into HDTV’s. Before the birth of HDTV production equipment for shooting film programs, often used to shoot footage. This time the films produced in the time of HDTV, you need a dedicated film scanner will be digitized these films, this uses technology similar to the DVD in the field we often say “plastic switch plates.”

Do not think these movies digital film an easy thing, in fact to a higher precision format film scanning takes a few minutes on film. And you can see every second of film takes footage of 24 cells. As a result, the film alone digital film scanning process requires a lot of time and equipment.

In the film after film scanned into digital files, the nightmare has just begun. Meeting friends used film scanner must know, even then high-end film scanners, the scan is complete scan several times also takes time for the film scratches, color revised. Film after film scanning, the same will have to take such a step, only after footage of the workload of digital photos hundreds of times will be.

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