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Wallpaper Trends & Ideas For Accent Walls

Like many things wallpaper goes in and out of fashion and over the last few years they have once again become highly fashionable. Wallpaper is a great option for people looking to spruce up their home and can be both affordable and easy to apply.

In short the resurgence of wallpaper usage can in part be attributed to a growing trend in the use of accent walls. For those who have not come across these before this is where you use a different paint colour or piece of wallpaper to highlight one wall. These often feature in bedrooms and can be used to great effect. In this article we will explore some of the latest trends ideas.

Dark Wallpapers

Dark coloured wallpaper is particularly popular at the moment and works well in most bedrooms. A dark coloured accent wall (best placed behind your beds headboard) against boldly coloured walls can work well to create a strong boutique style. Simple touches like this can help make your bedroom feel more like a luxurious hotel.

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns have come back in a big way and enjoyed by home owners of all ages. Refreshing designs and the introduction of unusual fabrics within wallpaper cuttings have helped make these popular once again. If you are going to go for a floral interior then it is well worth spending the extra money on quality wallpaper. The cheaper versions tend to lack quality in terms of finish and deliver a less favourable result.


Patterns are everything these days. Plain coloured wallpapers are no longer fashionable as home owners look to make a real statement with their new wallpaper. Designs range widely and the crucial thing to remember is what other furniture and finishing’s you have in the room. These need to match up and work with your existing colour schemes.

Traditional Look

Modern or chic looks are not for everyone. People who prefer something more traditional might go for a classic stripe look or softly coloured wallpapers. These are often timeless and work well in many rooms including the dining room, bathrooms and bedroom. If you are going to use wallpaper in the bathroom then some consideration needs to be given to condensation and how well the wallpaper will last.

There are many looks to choose from. Wallpaper and all design choices are personal and should be made to suit your needs. At present accent walls are extremely popular and can be a quick and cheap way to liven up a room.

When choosing your new wallpaper you will need to take into consideration your rooms existing wall colours and furnishings. Many people take samples from their rooms with them when shopping for wallpaper. This gives them an idea of what the wallpaper will look like against their existing furniture. This is an area where many go wrong.

The cost of wallpaper also varies and in most cases the more you pay the better the quality you will get. It is often worthwhile spending the extra money because of the level of finish you will get. This is an important factor in any part of home decoration. Most of all have fun with it and try out a few ideas. After all decorating is supposed to be fun.

Susan Hornby – Writes for the Little Greene, Damask wallpaper retailers

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