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Wallpaper ? Change the Look of Any Room

It’s a well-known way to give your house, apartment or just room another design – we’re talking about wallpapers. If you’re bored of the white color of your wallpaper (if you have it at all), it might be time for a change. Like previously mentioned, new wallpaper is an easy, relatively quick and cheap way to restyle your surroundings completely. Ever thought of a white wallpaper with a line of frogs on it? What about paper full of your own pieces of art, incase you’re an artist? There are many different models and variants you can choose from – We’ll present a few and then show you on how to get going!

First of all, it’s important to choose the model you like best – wallpaper companies offer tons of different models and the decision is exactly as hard as the amount of models. You should make sure to choose one that goes in harmony with the furniture you got and should as well match your personal style and personality. Which “hippy” would ever think about choosing a black/white wallpaper (apart from the fact that it makes you depressive)? None!

When you’re ready to go, it’s good if you have someone on your side that already “wallpapered” his own apartment or assisted others in doing so a few times. This can avoid errors and can only be helpful if problems are coming up. You’ll need to know how much of wallpaper you need, therefore it’s best to calculate the size of all walls. This can be easily done by this formula: “height in meters * length in meters” which equals square meters. Make sure to measure all walls and add all square meters up in the end, but buy a few more than required – maybe you made a mistake or suddenly need more of it because you didn’t think about certain locations which need to have wallpaper on them too.

The wallpapering itself is a very complex process which can’t be explained in one single article, but many stores have special brochures for this. You might also want to ask a salesman in your favorite shop about a few tips, especially about the correct glue and how to use it. He or she will also tell you what things might speed up your work, or what other tools are required apart from a pen, water level, decorator’s scissors, paste brush, wallpaper roll and seam roller. Some of the items are pretty expensive; you could check out eBay or ask one of your neighbors before buying them. Also required are a cutter and a wallpaper rail. This should be all the real basic items, though like previously mentioned, ask in a shop for special brochures, this’ll make your life easier.

We hope we were able to give you a small introduction into wallpapering and also hope that you have a better idea on how to get started now. Who knows, maybe we’ll meet up one day and we can both enjoy your cool wallpaper? We’ll see – But for now: Thanks for reading and the best of luck with all home projects you’re planning or you’re just doing!

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