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Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise was a delightful video. It is the perfect length & it also holds the attention of its audience. Being derived from the famous Harry Potter series, it brings a familiarity to the world of gag reels. The clip starts with Severus Snape (puppet form) standing on stage wondering what the strange ticking noise is. He then starts to like this sound and starts to sing his name to the ticking beat. After a short time, Professor Dumbledore (also in puppet form) jumps up singing his name randomly. When this happened for a bit, Ron starts singing his name in a little different tune than the rest and gets his name in many times. Hermoine Granger then starts to sing “Hermoine” over and over again to the tune. Then from the ground rises Harry Potter. He starts to sing his name and gets in a bit of a quarrel with Snape. At the end of the clip, Ron finds a pipe bomb & they all get exploded. Then Voldemort comes up laughing & sings his name in a totally different tune to end the show. All in all this was an excellent clip.

Potter Puppet Pals: Wizard Swears was a strange video. It is focused on “Wizard Swears” which are magical swear words. They go around Hogwarts using these swears & get into trouble by Snape. They then get Neville to use one which happens to be about Hagrid & Harry bans Neville from Hogwarts. After Dombledore & Snape come & speak with the three trouble makers. All in all this was a little bit of an off clip that did not catch my fancy, though it may make many people laugh.

World of Warcraft Dancing is a great clip that shows many characters from the game World Of Warcraft dancing with the real character from music videos & movies. This includes a human posing as a disco dancer as well as a dwarf dancing on the same clip. Then comes MC Hammer the Orc. The orc in his parachute pants dances to these songs alongside MC Hammer. Next in the video are Dryads doing the Twist. This is quickly followed by a dark elf doing a swiveling dance. After this you get a blood elf dancing like Napoleon Dynamite in the movie. Again we start seeing many of the world of warcraft characters taking different roles in many different video shorts. This video did make me laugh & I watched it over and over again.

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