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Video Press Release – Learn Everything You Need to Know Today

A video press release is an interesting and visually appealing way of presenting your message to your target audience. It is very different from video news release, wherein the intention is to distribute the video on several television news networks. Instead, video press releases are commonly circulated on social networking or video sharing sites.
Video press releases are increasingly becoming popular among celebrities and aspiring artists. Aspiring artists use it to showcase their talent. There are several artists who were catapulted to stardom after being discovered on YouTube. And those most of them are not by mere accident. They intentionally released their videos with the hope of getting noticed by recording studios.

For several years now, MySpace is being used by upcoming artists to present their music. Artists would create an account with the sole purpose of posting video press releases for their fans. This enables them to interact with them and get their reactions real time.

There are several big named celebrities who have already followed this trend and posted their video press releases on social networking sites. This helps them maintain visibility and loyalty among their fans. The fact is, people nowadays spend more time online than watching TV or listening to the radio. And big stars have no choice but to keep up with their followers’ habits to maintain their status.

Video press release is slowly becoming popular among businesses, as well. There are several big companies who have already released video productions about their companies all over the internet. They realized that aside from the relatively small amount of investment, it is the best way to reach the widest audience possible. Businesses can generate more mileage with one small production than with all the traditional marketing strategies combined.

Companies are starting to commission professionals who can produce a unique and interesting promotional video that is specifically crafted for its target customers. These professionals can create search engine optimized promotional video that will increase the likelihood of getting it viewed. Unlike celebrities or artists, businesses have more difficulty in establishing viewership or followers. This is why they need their promotional video combined with SEO enriched texts.
There are endless possibilities for what the internet can do to your business. What used to take years with traditional marketing techniques can only take months with a good online press release. However, this should be used with extreme caution. As much as it can give your company name recognition within months, it can also ruin your business just as fast. Online marketing is should always be handled with extreme caution.

Disseminating a custom video for press release is the cheapest way to get your business or talent promoted. It is also the most effective marketing tool as it can reach the widest range of would-be followers. At the same time, it can do wonders to established companies by maintaining their visibility. Internet surfing today is just like channel surfing before, this is why instead of having video released on different TV networks, they are now done over the internet.

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