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July’s sweltering capital people breathe, the Video Industry is not that the most terrible weather, but the current development bottleneck, whether disc players, Sound Or other consumer electronic products. Needless to say, aspects of the washer, and is always declining trend, while the audio side, according to figures gathered in the Pearl River Delta region has 70% of the global multimedia audio production of the manufacturing companies, most of them do not own brand, totally dependent on OEM export. From 2008 onwards, with the reduction in foreign markets, consumer demand, orders for these manufacturing companies also plunged, and many small and medium manufacturing enterprises have been closed down, some large-scale processing enterprises cut layoffs, struggling. Although many external factors, but the lack of product innovation, core technology, the lack of audio and video business in China is still the core issue stalled.

Finance Crisis, a manufacturing industry suffered domestic computer multimedia speaker affected. Edifier president Zhang Wendong that the financial crisis has brought computer multimedia speaker industry reshuffle effect, “The recent operations in the electronic assembly plant drained a lot.” Consumers the choice of computer speakers also showed polarized situation: either do not buy, or hesitate to spend big money to buy the best quality, brand best speakers, so in the past the domestic computer market by cheap multimedia speakers market vendors working hard will be difficult to survive. With two years to replace notebook PC desktop into the mainstream trend is established, its surrounding peripherals has been the importance attached by the market, while the last two years developed more rapidly than Portable Speakers on the.

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Recently Konka, Skyworth, TCL and many other domestic TV manufacturers to disclose, will be the end of July on the part LCD TV New price increase about 10%. The group quietly LCD TV prices is a direct promoter of LCD panel prices continue to soar. LCD TV panel currently made mainly from China Taiwan, Japan and South Korea last year against the backdrop of financial crisis, Japan and South Korea the majority of the panel manufacturer discontinued, China Taiwan panel shipments also fell sharply. Price of more than 2,000 yuan after the 32-inch LCD TV is difficult to get a. Yesterday, reporters from a variety of channels was confirmed by the rapid rise in LCD panel prices continue to affect, LCD TV prices for the first time rebound. Konka, Skyworth, TCL and a number of domestic color TV manufacturers to disclose, will be the end of July on the part of the new LCD TV 10% price increase. Meanwhile, the domestic color TV enterprises have set foot in the upstream industry chain, investment projects launched liquid crystal module. Dr. Liu Weidong said this reminded, “When companies enter the module in the field, to avoid dependence on external technology hastily to strive with their own technology, which can fundamentally avoid technical risk.”

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prices is at hand

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