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Video Card Driver Updates – How To Get The Latest Video Card Drivers

Do you lose video when you go into a certain program? You will recognize loss of video by a blank screen or lines and colors going off shade. This error is caused by out of date video or media card drivers and can be fixed by downloading and installing the latest video card drivers.

Video Card Drivers 101

Windows is dependent on a piece of software called drivers that allow it to interact with your video or sound card, giving you video and audio capabilities in all of your programs. When Windows is updated or upgraded to newer versions of the programming language, this makes up the core of Windows changes and problems. This means that the video and media card drivers and Windows no longer effectively communicate and you can get errors.

How to Upgrade to the Latest Video Card Drivers

The first step is to know what your video card is. There are many manufacturers, and each manufacturer has many models. So we will go into Device Manager and find your make and model.

1. Go to Start
2. Go to the Search Bar and type in Device Manager
3. Press Enter
4. Click “Continue” in the window that pops up
5. Click on the + next to Display Adapters. This will give you the complete make and model of your card.

Now to download and install the latest drivers. The first part of your card’s name is the manufacturer of your card. (Example: ATI, NVIDIA)

1. Do a web search for your video card manufacturer’s web page
2. In the Downloads or Support section, you will find a list of products. From this list, you will need to find your video card.
3. Once you find your make and model, you can find the latest video drivers.
4. Download the latest drivers to a location you can remember.
5. Go to the Start button.
6. Go to the Search Bar and type in Device Manager.
7. Press Enter.
8. Click Continue in the window that pops up.
9. Click the + next to Display Adapters.
10. Double click Video.
11. Click Update driver.
12. Browse to the location you saved the driver and install.
13. At this point Windows will most likely want to restart. We strongly suggest you let Windows restart at this point.

An Easier Way to Get the Newest Video Card Drivers

Technology is always coming out with ways to make our lives easier. Many of these programs take over tasks that used to be time consuming and repetitive, but can easily be done on a schedule with little supervision. Updating drivers now falls under this category. Simple, quick, no fuss. What technology is all about.

Whether you decide to manually update the latest video card drivers or use a program that will scan your computer for out of date drivers, download, and install the latest ones, it’s a good idea to research your options first.

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