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Track And Field Legends Review

I started out with track and field in high school and I was dedicated throughout the years and thought I knew what I was doing. After watching the track and field legend video training seminar I quickly found out there was much more for me to learn. Things were explained such as specific sprint training, track equipment, track workouts, all the various track field events.
I started out of course with the free exclusive training manuals taught by coachs tom tellez and dan pfaff. But after that I needed more and there wasnt much left to stop me. So I bought the whole track and field legends with no regret. Ive shopped around for this kind of information on the web before, and it was a big difference more than the deal I got it for. Ive seen things offering this kind of invaluable information for around $ 200-300 at least. So I definitely got a good price on it.
Theres over 7.5 hours of video I got to watch and listen to the top two coaches in the world! That kind of information is priceless for people like me! I have been taught things I thought I learned the right way but can see how they could have been improved, special rules I didnt quite understand when determine block spacing. Things I thought I was working on were a waste of time, and now I know what to work on to further my goal. Everything about my training exercises to actually doing events out on the track and field has increased dramatically all thanks to this wonderful program. If I had gotten this right when I started out its hard to imagine how much better I would even be now! If I hadnt run into this package I wouldnt be nearly as experienced as I am now. I recommend checking this out to anyone interested in getting better at track and field!

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