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Tips For Buying Used Cars


There are several things one needs to consider when trying to buy a used car. This is to be prepared before starting the process of buying. Try getting as much information as possible from family, reviews and websites that help compare options.

Things To Consider:

Deciding On A Model

To settle on a model, the buyer must think about his or her needs, budget and driving habits. It’s good to study about every model, technical specifications, and prices. Finally, the buyer must decide over something which suits his or her image and lifestyle. Another way to narrow the option down is by driving few different vehicles of the same model.

Payment Options

It’s important to collaborate with a good finance company, if you are going for car financing. The things that need to be considered are monthly payment, interest, duration of the loan and the like. These factors must be in the same range as the buyer’s budget. Here are a few aspects which should be considered before one applies for a loan.

* The real price of the vehicle
* The total amount one is going to finance
* The total monthly payment and duration
*  The total amount, including the service charge and interest that has to be paid back.

Buying Locations

One can purchase used cars from different car dealers in Canada; who sell both used and brand new cars. Buying used cars in Canada from dealer is an advisable option. The vehicles from dealers are very systematically inspected and offer service and warranty. However, it’s important to validate a dealer’s genuineness i.e. for the duration he or she has been in the business and also try getting references of the customers.

Online advertisements and other websites will also give one the contact number for several dealers. Enquire about the price and model and always ensure that the condition of the vehicle is stable.

Test Drive

Test- driving is very important when buying a car. Always drive the car for three to four kilometers at least. Drive the vehicle in different kinds of roads and monitor the comfort levels. Make sure the steering wheel isn’t vibrating, engine starts rightly, and there are no strange sounds or vibrations. If a steering vibrates then that denotes a front end problem. Apply brakes correctly at the speed of about 20-40 kilometers to check whether the car stops in a straight line or not. Verify mileage recorder and the speedometer. The clutch must also be smooth in the operation.


It’s important to check all the papers and documents of the car properly before making the final payment. Always ask for the Registration papers. These papers are needed to be transferred into car ownership. The certificate also offers the purchaser a chance to authenticate vehicle ownership.

Buying a pre-owned car must be a very carefully calculated decision. It’s important to purchase a car from a genuine dealer to avoid fraud. Also, one must make sure that the price asked by the dealer is fair and competitive. There are several genuine businesses which sell used cars, hence, purchase from the one that offers the best price.

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