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The Top Point And Shoot Pocket Camera – Canon Powershot Sd780is – User Reviews


Canon PowerShot SD780IS 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.5-inch LCD

July 13, 2010

Review by Timewarpone

Love It !!!

I gave this Canon PowerShot sd780is camera a 5 star rating because I really love everything about this camera despite only one thing I didn’t like but could live with. When the camera is in auto mode there is no option to leave the flash on. You can only leave the flash on in program mode.

I took some photos of my daughter with a bright daylight sun directly behind her. The auto flash did compensate for the back light but the photos were a little washed out. The same photos taken in program mode with the flash on were way better in appearance.

The macro feature, in Auto Mode, automatically kicks in when the camera detects the distance required to use it. I thought that feature was pretty cool. Being able to hook up this camera to my TV with an HDMI 1.3 Cable (Type C) was a blessing in disguise. There are a lot of HDMI 1.3 (Type C) cables out there that are a lot less expensive than what Canon sells. HDMI Type C Cables have a standard HDMI connector on one end and a “Mini” HDMI connector on the other end. Look around before you buy. I paid less than 5 bucks for mine including S&H. Playing back HD video images on my HDTV was an awesome experience.

The only thing I found a little confusing and I wish this issue was addressed in the users manual was what CLASS of SD card gives the best video results. I spent 2 – 3 days doing research about this and I could not come up with anything conclusive about which class of SD card should be used for the best video results. The general consensus seems to be the faster the transfer rate the better quality of video.

I didn’t realize until after reading many, many reviews of SD cards out there that there are Class, 2, 4, 6 & 10 SD Cards and again, the general consensus seems to be that SANDISK SD Cards have the most accurate/reliable transfer rate (They are also the most expensive).

Most of the reviews I have read for and about this camera suggest either a Class 4 or 6 SD Card. I must have read at least 15 different reviews about this camera. I even sent an e-mail to Canon customer support and they didn’t have a definitive answer.

Their generic answer pretty much said to use whatever looks good to you. So what are we supposed to do?? Buy 3 different Class SD cards and see which ones look best?? That seems a little counterproductive.

I really wish that there was even a “Suggested” class to use in the users manual. Why can’t Canon, who makes some of the best products on this planet, keep up with SD Class technology and publish this info in their camera’s users manuals??

The Sony DSC-W100 camera this camera replaced has a flash on option in auto. I got excellent use for 3 years of heavy use out of my Sony before it died. I hope this one can fill its shoes for longevity.

My wife loves this camera also. She uses auto mode and I use program mode. It seems like I will be getting her one for herself.

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