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The Tips to Take Great Photos

The truth behind a great photo is not the camera. It’s the person who’s taking it, you! Great photos are also not as simple pointing and clicking. There are a lot of things that make a great photo and sometimes you do get lucky with a great shot. But most of the time you’ll have to work at it.


On top of a great photo you might need to retouch the photo on the computer by enhancing the colors and contrast. Here are a few tips that you should know before you go out and start shooting. Polarizing Filter this is very important for outdoor photography. A polarizing filter helps take away glare and unwanted reflections and can enhance the color of your photo. Not all cameras come with polarizing filters and if your camera doesn’t have one then here a neat trick.


Grab any sunglass and position it in front of you lens while taking the photo. The sunglass will act as a polarizing filter. Tones If your shooting outdoors you may want to change your white balance from to cloudy. This will put a mild filtering when you take a photo. It increases the red and yellow saturation on your camera and will make the photo come out warmer. High Resolution When taking photos that you want to keep and edit its better to set your camera to high resolution. Its easier to edit the image size and resolution from a high resolution image than to enlarge a low resolution image.


Having a high resolution image also helps when printing, it’ll come out sharper. Memory Depending on how many photos you want to take you may need to bring with you a few memory cards. You’ll want to buy additional memory when you buy your new camera. If you have a 3 megapixel digital camera you’ll need a 512 megabyte memory card and if you own a 4 or 6 megapixel camera you should try a 1 gigabyte card. The higher resolution cameras will take a chunk of memory so grab a few memory cards if you’re going to take lots of photos.


 Macro if you own a digital camera there should be a macro mode. Usually you have about 3 feet before your camera looses its focus but if you hit the macro mode you’ll be able to get as close as 1 feet. However if you have a digital SLR camera you can actually buy a macro lens to attach to it. This way you can get as close as your lens lets you. If you don’t have a digital SLR you can still buy a mount on macro lens for your camera. Ask your local camera house for more information. If you want to get better at photography practice more and take more photos.


You’ll eventually understand your camera better and you’ll be able to learn more techniques along the way. Try buying books and researching for more tips on the internet you’ll be surprise how much you can learn online

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