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To put it simply, C&D is a pleasure because, they feature the coolest cars. Their anti-SUV stance seems to be softening in recent issues, which to me is a travesty of a mockery of a sham. But I see this as an inevitable tip of the hat to the tastes of the American readership. This magazine is for automobile enthusiasts interested in domestic and imported autos. Each issue contains road tests and features on performance, sports, international coverage of road race, stock and championship car events, technical reports, personalities and products. Road tests are conducted with electronic equipment by engineers and journalists and the results are an important part of the magazine’s review section. In addition to car reviews, each issue gives you the news about the latest technology, and developments in the industry and in politics that affect the automobile business. Also included are articles on motorsports and important personalities.

Technically, the magazine is both thorough and accessible. People learn a lot of automotive jargon from this rag, and as my understanding has grown I have not found the magazine to be too simple. This magazine tells the pros and cons of the cars that are new. They also provide great performance tips to get more power out of the reader’s car. The magazine is very helpful on tips on making your car better. This magazine is filled with performance modifications that will make your car better.” For more than 50 years, the world’s most popular automotive magazine, Car and Driver, has placed its readers in a virtual driver’s seat. Each month, automobile enthusiasts purchase the magazine to gain information and insight about cars and trucks both domestic and foreign. Car and Driver’s articles, reviews, and reports cover everything from new car previews and road tests to industry news and automotive humor. The road tests and comparison tests are generally very good, and reviews are generally chock full of tables of data (acceleration times, pricing, etc.). It’s reasonably well written and, generally speaking, when you read a review you get a sense that the editor/reviewer knows what he’s talking about.

Some other magazines may be better in specific areas, but for my money C&D is simply the tops for the all around car buff. It offers the best balance of serious automotive journalism, including perhaps the most comprehensive testing, along with plenty of offbeat fun. C&D isn’t above indulging in such hare brained stunts as sending a group of AWD minivans on a trek from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in the dead of winter and racing a Porsche 911 against a Porsche powered small plane in order to entertain their readers. In the years since, they’ve matured a bit, but thankfully not too much. I mean, what other car magazine rates, among other things, the “beer case” capacity of an SUV? A fair number of pages are given over to the exotic and performo varieties of the four-wheeled and the fast. But Car and Driver displays no embarrassment about majoring on the cars that the rest of us drive. Car and Driver is the quintessential automotive publication. The format is very user-friendly and the reporting accurate, leaving sensationalism to the other publications.

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