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The Nokia C7 Featuring Automatic Geotagging Of Photos And Videos

The Nokia C7 has automatic Geotagging of photos and videos when they are captured with its powerful 8 megapixel camera featuring a third generation dual LED flash. The handset also features an easy to use unified email client with push notification ensuring you never miss a new email.

The phone offers up to 32 gigabytes in expandable microSD card memory on top of the 8 gigabytes of internal storage already offered by the handset, allowing you to store thousands of photos, many videos and plenty of music on the phone. When a card is full you can use the microUSb connector and High Speed USB 2.0 connectivity to easily upload the data to a compatible computer through the Nokia Ovi Suite, which you also use for syncing and downloading updates top the phone. The handset also has Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity for fast close range wireless file sharing and more. Other connectivity also includes the 3.5mm AV connector for standard headphones and other audio output, along with an integrated FM stereo radio and FM transmitter.

The C7 offers a 3.5 inch touch display with nHD AMOLED resolution (640 by 360 pixels respectively)and in the 16:9 (widescreen) ratio. The phone features onscreen alphanumeric and full QWERTY keyboards which automatically adapt to the phones orientation between portrait and landscape with the accelerometer sensor present. The fullscreen is also used as the viewfinder when using the 8 megapixel auto focus camera for video capturing in High Definition or snapping photos. The third generation dual LED flash also helps you to create great media with the powerful camera and preinstalled software. The phone also offers up to three customisable home screens for you to configure with your own widgets, shortcuts, icons and more; ideal if you need a phone for both business and leisure for example.

The handset features the Nokia Music Player which offers simple touch parameters and flick to scroll through album artwork when selecting the tracks, albums or artists you want to hear. While the Fm radio and transmitter respectively, allow you to also enjoy live music and news as you wish. For more music on your phone the Ovi Store is also present, where you can download more.

The Nokia C7 is a delightfully slim handset with the Symbian 3 operating system offering a simplistic and intuitive user interface among the many useful preinstalled applications and widgets offered by the phone. The handset also has a powerful camera which allows you to create great photos and High Definition videos also.

Nokia C7

Nokia C7 Silver

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