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The Canon Powershot Sd1300 Review Justifies A Great Deal

The Canon Powershot SD1300 Review
shows that this camera impresses with the functions it can perform while wrapped up in such a compact package. The camera’s color choices seem popular as well. It seems that the photos the camera takes are sharp and clear and the video is very good providing good quality movie sequence. The sound quality of the video surprised some people and while taking outdoor video wind noise on the video was not a problem.

* The color reproduction was very good and most people were impressed with the results taken in low light conditions. The light boost in the view finder when taking photos in dimly lit conditions was very helpful.

* There seemed to be some initial reluctance for some people in having no view finder for the camera because previous models had view finders, but this apparent fear was short lived once they started using the camera.

* On the burst the camera performs well, and with the lag time between multiple shots not being noticeable it is a nice convenience. It’s a very quiet camera.

* The compactness and the design and layout is popular.

Great Wide Angle feature

The wide angle aspect provides almost panoramic quality shots, and linked with the 12.1 megapixel means you can print larger than snap shot prints for more than just your photo album. It has been suggested in the Canon PowerShot sd1300 review that because the images taken by the camera are high resolution, prints of up to 13 x 19 inches are possible in good light conditions

“Pure Color” LCD viewfinder

The 2.7-inch “PureColor” System LCD of the view finder is great for composing your photographs, offering very good color rendition, high resolution and contrast with the added feature that the screen can now be viewed at a greater angle. Apparently the screen is made of very durable material being scratch resistant and with an anti-reflective coating it makes it easier to see your intended shot or the one you have just taken. One aspect of this camera people enjoyed was the fact that the playback button lets you review the photos you’ve taken directly, rather than having to switch the camera into anther mode.

Low Light Ability

One feature picked up by the Canon PowerShot sd1300 review, and often only found in more up market cameras, is the ability to be able to take good quality photos in low light conditions. Well the Low Light mode in the Canon 1300 allows such photos to be taken. This mode has an ISO range of 400-6400, which allows the camera to take photos not only with the lights on at home, but also in such situations as candle light; street lighting; firelight or patio lighting at a barbeque. This Low Light mode allows you to have prints produced with “less noise”, that is, without the fuzzy effects usually associated photos taken when there is not enough light.

The nice thing about this feature is that you can capture the mood better because you don’t need to add light. Of course the light boost in the viewfinder is a key feature of low light shooting.

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