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Ten 10 Point Crossbows Reviews


Ten Point Crossbow Technologies is perhaps the leader in the field of producing the very best crossbow a hunter can buy.  The Ten Point crossbows are first in technology, innovation, and accuracy.  They currently have at least 12 patents on their bows.  Some of the patents they hold are trigger technology, dry fire inhibitor which keeps the bow from releasing or firing without an arrow engaged.  The accudraw is another patent that assists with loading the crossbow each and every time.  Below is a list of some of Ten Point most popular crossbows.

Ten Point Pro Slider Crossbow

The design of this crossbow is fitting for almost any shooter.  It possesses a lighter trigger than most other models which helps with shooting accuracy.  Included is the complete capture ultra quiet limb pocket and bow assembly matched with a precision machined riser purposed to slide, locate, and lock in one of 3 shooting positions .

Ten Point Phantom CLS Crossbow

The Phantom crossbow is considered one of the finest crossbows made today.  One of the best qualities of this crossbow is how there is no vibration helping to produce a rather smooth shot.  It delivers a payload of 343 fps.

If you are looking into Ten Point crossbows you need to be sure that you understand that buying a crossbow is much like buying anything else.  You get what you pay for.  A cheaper priced crossbow will not produce the same results of a more expensive crossbow.  The average needs to understand what exactly a crossbow can do for them and what to expect out of them before you spend your money.

One good point to remember about crossbow is that just because you have the top of the line in crossbow does not mean you are going to deliver a powerful shot at a greater distance.  It is understood that the further a bow travels the faster it falls.  A more appropriate range for bows is around 30 or 40 feet for the most accurate of shots.
It is also a good idea when you purchase a bow to purchase a bow package.  A typical package should include a good scope preferably 3X Multi-line, 4 arrow quiver, 3 pack of arrows with practice points, 300FPS 180 pound draw weight, and double dip fluid.  Buying a package will save you money and give you more of what you need to get you started hunting.


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