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Each time I turn around it seems, there are some new and (very) interesting looks with the Superdry lineup for women – including with the collection of Superdry Flats.

For those ladies who are already a bit familiar with these shoes, they may recognize a name or two from last year, but there is a new choice from these famous ballet flats as well.

Here is what ladies should look for in 2010:

St. Germain Flats – Here is a new style to be found for the spring and summer of 2010. Basically these have a canvas upper with a rounded rubber toe at the top of the foot. There is a cushioned insole for improved comfort and fit, and of course they are endowed with the typical attitude that comes with this collection. These can be found in both black (with fish print) and fuchsia (with a Geisha Girl print).

Chelsea Superdry Flats – These seem to have been a hit from last year, because they are back for another round for ladies in 2010. These are probably the most interesting looking of the ballet flats having a faux leather quilted pattern almost covering the entire shoe, with some “sparkles and bangles” that will not surprise someone if they are an Superdry fan. Available in a couple of different basic colors (black and purple), each color having its own unique design.

Sin City Ballet Flats – These shoes are one of the available choices that was also around last year. They are a bit simpler in design, but not without impact. They are truly eye-catching, having a bold color for a background, and square metal studs that make this style a real hit.

On shopping – There are a few top merchants online that carry the Superdry Flats for women. Interestingly enough however, not one of them carries all of the choices. There is a resource online that can “put them all together” to allow shoppers to find out what all the choices are, as well as which resources carry each style.


Read more information at Superdry Ireland.

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