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Speculating Natural Gas News Across The United States And Other Countries


An unprecedented increase in the rates of the natural gas that took place recently, due to the tropic climatic conditions which would form in the Caribbean region in near future is jeopardizing the energy producing regions situated in the Gulf of Mexico. According to the reports declared by the Matt Rogers, predictor of the Commodity Weather Group LLC at Bethesda in the Maryland, the violent storm may develop at the South eastern part of the Caribbean and it would pass through the New Orleans in end of the September month. There was a huge gain in the natural gas price in the month of October around 1.7 percent; this profit was contributed to the New York Mercantile Exchange for the settlement towards the thermal units in the Britain.

T. Boone Pickens, the senior adviser in the Texas recommended the Oil drillers to wait till the price of the oil gets increased till then not to drill on the sites. T. Boone Pickens met the business tycoons in Calgary recently, he articulated that he is a firm supporter for the Oilsands in the Alberta and this plays a pivotal role for the crude business for the United States and the other Middle East countries. The veteran told, a year ago he expected the price of the natural gas will be around seven dollars for one-thousand cubic feet, but his expectations failed and the price was below four dollars.

The United States Encana Oil & Gas after clearing up its first drilling site continued its drilling venture in the Zosh Road in Lake Township with a couple of exploring natural gas well sited in the Luzerne County. According to the e- mail reports declared by Wendy Wiedenbeck, the Relations Advisor of the Encana, told that they have successfully completed their first drilling project in the Fairmount Township which was drilled around seven thousand feet deep and it was drilled horizontally to 4400 feet and they will start embarking on their new venture with in a month at the Salansky. The Department of Environmental Protection has examined many drilling sites in the Buda well and has granted permissions for a pair of horizontal well in the North of Kent which is managed by the Encana but currently the Department of Environmental Protection is still on hold for five Oil wells sited in Lake Township and three Oil wells in the Fairmount Township, which are under the control of the Encana.

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Natural gas news The erection of the refinery was financed by the states .6 billion debt package, a document penned and proposed by the Egyptian Refining Company.

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