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Sony Kdl40lx903/kdl40lx903u(video Review)cheap Bravia 3d Led Tv

Sony BRAVIA KDL40LX903U (KDL40LX903) Review – 40 Inch 3D LED Full HD 1080p Television with Freeview HD and Motionflow 200Hz

If you are looking for a television that will enhance your home cinematic experience than the Sony KDL-40LX903U 40inch LCD television is worth considering. This top of the range LED TV from Sony has been ingeniously designed and packed full of impressive features. Some of the features include 200Hz Motionflow, A full HD 1080p panel, Freeview-HD Digital tuner and above all else 3D technology.

The Sony KDL40LX903U would be an ideal television for the lounge, as its attractive design can be incorporated and blended into any interior. With an impressive design and high quality finish the Sony KDL-40LX903 looks great even if it is switched off.

A major selling point of the Sony KDL-40LX903U is that it part of the 3D range of Sony TVs. The 3D phenomenon has taken the film industry by storm, and now more people want to recreate this experience in their own homes. 3D has been around for years, and long gone are the days of red and blue lens paper glasses, now the glasses are as technical and as stylish as the television its self. With the Sony KDL-40LX903U the 3D technology is not only based around images reaching out of the screen, it about showing a whole new depth to a once flat image. With this new level of picture depth, the background seems to go on for miles clearly distinguishing the differences between that and the foreground. When you buy the Sony KDL-40LX903 you are supplied with two pairs of Hi-Tec 3D glasses.

Another interesting feature of the Sony KDL40LX903 is that it has the all new Freeview-HD digital tuner built in. Freeview-HD is a new free service from the digital providers, Freeview. Just like Freeview, Freeview-HD does not use fibre optical cables or a satellite dish to receive the radio and television stations, just a simple external aerial. The major difference between the two digital tuners is that Freeview-HD enables you to receive the free to view HD channels like BBC HD and ITV HD. The Freeview-HD tuner in the Sony KDL-40LX903 LED TV has no set up charges or monthly subscriptions, just check that Freeview-HD is available in your area. The Freeview-HD tuner along with the full HD panel allows you to get the most out of the Sony KDL40LX903 40inch LCD Television. Full high definition is now a must on all new televisions, with more and more of us demanding a sharper, clearer picture with natural bright colours.

To help with the motion and enhance the overall picture quality the Sony KDL40LX903 has Motionflow 200Hz technology. The 200Hz technology is great if you enjoy watching fast sports of movies that are full of fast cars and explosions. The average televisions are normal 50Hz sets, this means 50 pictures are shown per second, resulting in a blur, the Sony KDL40LX903U is 200Hz so 200 pictures are shown per second resulting in a smooth motion sequence.

The Sony KDL-40LX903 is definitely one of the best TVs on the market, and if you are looking for a set that will last a few years with future proof technology and features this is definitely the one for you.

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-40 Inch Diagonal Screen Size (Inch)
-102 cm Visible Diagonal Screen Size
-16:9 Aspect Ratio
-1920×1080 pixels
-1080p resolution
-24P (Frames Per Second) Playback
-Full 1080p HD
-3D TV

Manufacturers Technology Features
-HD Ready
-3D Ready
-Bravia Engine 3

-Digital TV Ready
-Parental Lock/Parental Control
-1000 Page Teletext Memory
-Sleep Timer

-4(2 Side/2 Rear) x HDMI Connection/s
-1 x Component Video Connection/s
-1 x Composite Video Connection/s
-1 x USB 2.0 Connection/s

Power, Weight & Dimensions
-23.7 Kg Unit Weight (Approx)
-99.4 x 68.6 x 29.0 Dimensions (W x H x D) With Stand
-99.4 x 65.2 x 6.4 Dimensions (W x H x D) Without Stand

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