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Solar Charger Review


Solar charger could be a superior substitute to electrical charger.  You ought to plug in your electric devices to a home outlet after which youThe charging of your electric devices takes electricity and the electricity charges money.  It looks like that how long you kept your electric devices,  how long you must pay for electricity bills.  have to wait a long time for them to be charged.

You are distressed if you are out-of-doors and your electric devices battery be depleted of power.  The solar charger will let you plug in your electric devices in order to charge it. This is one of the motives why you need a solar charger.  You can charge your electric devices battery outdoors if your battery dies.  It is true that you need sunlight to charge your electric devices,  however most solar chargers come with a storage device so that you can charge your electric devices even when there is no sunlight.

How much time does it cost to full charge?

1.  Charging time for mobile phone:  About 60 minutes (Different brands and models of mobile phone is with different charging time).
2.  Charging time for built-in battery of Solar charger is 10-15 hours (depends on light intensity and battery capacity).
3.  If computer USB port or AC adapter recharge the built-in battery,  charging time:  about 3-5 hours.

What to look for before buy?
There are numerous solar chargers in the market.  The first and foremost thing of choosing a solar charger is “how well is it compatible with your electric devices”. Next,  the solar charger should be reliable,  professional and cost-effective.

The IT-CEO is one of the best-selling solar chargers already in the market this year.  The IT-CEO there are several different output voltages for your option,  including:  4. 2V/5. 5V/7V/9V. 
Apart from that,  the IT-CEO solar charger there are two people-oriented features: 
1. Set up with a high-brightness far horizon LED lights,  can functioning over 30 hours to facilitate the use of emergency and night-travel.
2.  Safe for using.  Equipped with an over-charge protection which properly extending the battery life,  make you use safely.

The solar charger could be powered by using the sun with a USB cable or directly to the wall.  This compact and elegant solar charger is suitable with many brands of mobile phone,  digital camera,  PDA,  PSP,  MP3,  MP4,  GPS,  DV and etc. Electric devices are inseparable parts of our life that is why having a good solar charger is very important.

Having a good solar charger and enjoy the convenience it brings to us to our heart content.

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