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Shopping for the Best Mini-Video Camera to Buy

Mini-video cameras have replaced portable still cameras as the gadget of choice for people who love to spontaneously capture memorable moments in their lives on the spot. These pocket camcorders are so easy to use that even older people who consider themselves technophobes have learned to love them, leading to their being dubbed ‘point-and-shoot’ cameras since they are so simple to use. They are also more affordable than full-size camcorders, with the average cost being less than $ 200.

The downside, however, is that they offer image quality that is noticeably inferior to regular camcorders, but which are adequate enough for posting on video-sharing sites. If you are shopping for the best mini-video camera to buy for your needs, here are some things you should consider.

1. How much can you afford to spend on your mini-camcorder? Your budget will determine what model and type of video camera you can get and what features it will have.

2. Does the camera have expandable memory capability? The typical mini-cam allows you to record one to two hours of video on its internal memory, depending on the format you’re using. If you want a longer recording time, then you have to add more memory by using an external storage medium such as a memory card.

3. If budget is not a consideration, then you can think about the image quality of your mini cam. Newer models now allow you to take high definition-quality video, so you can show your videos on an HD-TV, but charge a higher price point.

4. You should also consider what other features you may want. The basic mini-video camera typically has a limited set of features, such as having only a single focus lens. More recent high-end models, however, now have a wider feature set that may include zoom lens, the capability to take still pictures as well as video, a larger LCD screen and even allow you to use them as media players by letting you record movies and TV shows on their internal memory.

5. Finally, look at what accessories are available for your mini-camcorder. These could include a microphone for better audio quality, additional lenses as well as rechargeable batteries.

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