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I just read an article on TMZ about Baby Mason being hospitalized after having a bad reaction to peanut butter!! Poor Mason!!! Good news is he’s doing ok now. Gave me a bit of a scare though! What would we do without Baby Mason.


I saw the cover of Star magazine this morning and it had a picture of Scott, Kourtney and baby Mason with the headline “Scott and Kourtney Elope”. Now how true this is I don’t know, given that it’s Star magazine. But I sure hope it is! For the sake of baby Mason! Baby Mason needs a strong family structure to keep him grounded from the celebrity life! Scott Disick is picking another fight with the Kardashian, this time it’s not just Kim Kardashian that Disick picks on.

Kourtney Kardashian’s other half Scott Disick unabashedly said he wish to get away from the whole Kardashian family! “My birthday wish would be to get the hell away from Kourtney’s family in California and get to New York where my family is,” said Disick as he was about to blow the candles of his birthday cake. But who could really blame Scott to wish to get away, when not a single member (other than Kourtney) of the Kardashian clan made a “conscious effort” to attend his birthday?


Even Kourtney sympathized. But then again, anti-Disick followers of the reality show could say that Disick is part of the Kardashian family, too and He had recently got involve in an altercation with Kim Kardashian over his reported plan to write his own memoir which will allegedly reveal the Kardashian’s family secret. “I’m so sick of keeping my mouth [shut], enough is enough, people need to know who you really are!” said Disick told Kim, via Twitter.


But what fans are waiting for is how will Scott Disick’s wish will be received among the Kardashians? Will the Kardashian genie grant Scott Disick’s wish? Apparently the Kardashian clan got in a scuffle at a New York City nightclub after the jealous girlfriend of a male fan threw a drink at Kim. According to TMZ, Scott Disick was outraged and got in the mix. is here to serve all your Scott Disick needs.

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