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Sauna suits range from PVC plastic material, to Vinyl, to Vinyl sewn in with cotton, to neoprene. Sauna suits have been used in both competitive sports to cut weight to meet weight class requirements as well as in gyms to aid people in every day weight loss.
Everlast PVC plastic sauna suit-$ 20– This type of sauna suit is the original that started it all, so credit is given where credit is due. You can spot these sauna suits from a mile away at the gym. These spacemen resembling individuals are wearing a silver colored plastic material either on the outside or inside of their clothing, looking like someone from another planet dripping sweat all over the floor. All appearances aside, these types of Sauna suits tend to rip due to the baggy thin plastic material. They do the job, but you usually have to buy a new pair after each workout. I also found my range of motion was very limited, due to the bagginess. I recommend this suit if you have a small budget and plan to use it for just one workout. Make sure to wear it under your clothes too, dont be that one spaceman at your local gym!
Atlus Thermal Vinyl sauna suit-$ 30– The Vinyl material is an upgrade from the PVC plastic sauna suit. They still rip when you wear them, but tend to last a couple more workouts, rather just than one workout. Oh, and you still look like a spaceman!
Realsauna sauna suit- $ 99-The Realsauna sauna suit is a combination of the Vinyl material sewn inside of an outer layered cotton material. They claim to be the #1 best sauna suit, but sadly, again they rip just as easily as the Vinyl sauna suit because they use the vinyl material sewn inside the cotton material. It does heat you up better than just using the plastics, but its the same thing as wearing the other
sauna suit with your sweat pant and sweat shirt over it. When I ordered one it arrived with the pant leg twisted and sewn in incorrectly, creating addition dicomfort and after the first use it ripped in the armpit area. I would save the $ 99 they charge and buy the Vinyl sauna suit for $ 30 and wear your own sweat pants and sweat shirt over it.
Kutting Weight neoprene weight loss sauna suit-$ 79- This sauna suit is made of an elastic neoprene material that it is built to last, which means no ripping folks! It looks similar to a wetsuit, but has the zipper in the front and is extremely flexible, allowing me full range of motion with my body. You wear it under your workout attire and others cant see it, which is nice. You still sweat a lot, just like the other sauna suits, but this one is way more comfortable because of the material and flexibility. I wore this suit with a pair of t-shirts and shorts and lost just as much water weight as I did while wearing the other sauna suits with a pair of sweat pants and a sweat shirt over it. Because of the neoprene material used in this sauna suit I would use this one over any other. The best part is you only have to buy one, instead of buying one for each workout or every couple workouts. They also have more clothing options made of the neoprene material if you dont like the full body suit look.

Mark Stake is working for a weight loss website that provides sauna suits that allow you cut weight with Kutting weight neoprene.

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