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Reviews on Titleist Style Newport 2 Putter


Scotty’s Studio Select Newport 2 with its crisp, familiar lines has been expertly refined and improved from subtle milling enhancements to its new sole profile. With its bold, Tour-inspired Cherry Dot graphics, precision milled 303 stainless steel head, and factory interchangeable weights, it’s Scotty’s most technologically-advanced Newport 2 ever.


The 303 stainless Newport 2 has a flat front neck that is in line with the topline making for a cleaner look at the ball. The 1/4 toe hang gives the putter ideal balance and optimal toe flow. There is a single sightline for alignment and the soft beaded mist finish that eliminates glare. The new look of the Studio Stainless putters promotes confidence with feel and performance that is only Scotty Cameron.


The Newport 2 stainless was literally born on Tour and was first made from German stainless steel strictly for the best players in the world. The success and winning reputation of the GSS putters is undeniable and true to the Studio this success is carried over into the production series putters. Scotty is constantly refining and the Newport 2 Studio Stainless is no exception. It differs in shape from the platinum series Scotty’s Studio Select Newport 2 in that it is wider from front to back and has more radiuses on the weight bumps leading down from the back flange giving the putter a softer appearance.


The putter doesn’t even need a review they are the Rolex of putters. Scotty is a genius. With that being said I have owned quite a few Scottys since 2004. My most recent being a new Studio Stainless but by far the best putter I believe is the 2005 Studio Newport 2 it has the insert on the face I sent it out to Scotty for a nice Black, White, and Lime Green paint fill job as well as a nice Lime Green custom grip. Wow this thing is money and has won me a lot of money. Scotty’s Studio Select Newport 2 makes you have a perfect stroke because the way it feels when you do; you are always chasing that feeling of the putter like a drug addict chasing a high that nice pop and beautiful roll of the ball. Spend the money and get a Scotty if you can find a older model of the studio Style the Newport models are just awesome.

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