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Reviews on Mizuno MP 62 Iron


The New MP-62 ironswith breakthrough dual muscle technology were designed for the player who covets workability and shot making control with forgiveness. Dual Muscle Technology perfectly blends two muscle pads; the outer muscle pad allows for a precisely placed COG that provides an enhanced sweet area for maximum playability, and the inner muscle pad delivers mass behind the impact area for the solid feel and the feedback that better players demand. The classic head profile with the player preferred aesthetics of a thin top line, minimal offset and tour inspired sole design; combined with Grain flow forged feel, make the MP-62 irons the perfect weapons to deliver a consistent ball flight and unsurpassed shot making accuracy.


Mizuno MP-62 iron is the best irons I have played yet! I was playing Cleveland CG 1 irons prior to this and loved them. I decided to step up to the world of Mizuno grain flow forging. These irons are beautiful! They have the classic blade look and feel. Not as forgiving as you think, though I really want the instant feedback from the club. Miss-hits are not bad, just a little short. Besides, you can’t blame the irons if you don’t make a good swing and make nice contact. However, when the stars line up and you make a nice swing and strike the ball where you are supposed to, it is like a hot knife going through butter! The feel rivals the most gratifying sensations you have ever felt before. These are “player’s irons” so workability is still there. It is a beautiful thing to pull off shots that you call before taking the swing. Just hold that follow-through pose and admire the ball flight my friend! These irons make you want to become a better player!


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