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Reviews on Mizuno MP-52 Irons


While the MP-52s are slightly more forgiving than the MP-57s, do not mistake these for a set of Ping G-10 irons. They will not simply go high and straight with whatever you throw at it. They are workable, have a very playable sole and are great performers assuming you have a somewhat repeatable swing. Again, I say this, but I do not think that should scare away the 20 handicappers out there. People might say you have no business playing a golf club like this, but honestly, if you are on the right track with your swing (you have had some lessons, things aren’t too fundamentally awful), a club like this can only help your game. If nothing else, they are great to practice with at the range until you feel confident enough to take them on the course.


The new Mizuno MP 52 irons with Dual Muscle Technology are the most playable MP irons Mizuno has ever produced. The performance is based on two innovative technologies: Dual Muscle and a patented CNC-milled pocket cavity. The first technology has an outer muscle pad that allows for a precisely placed, lower and deeper CG, offering enhanced playability, plus an inner muscle pad that provides feel and unparalleled feedback. The second innovation offers two deep crescents milled into the clubhead for the redeployment of 14 grams of mass for a lower, deeper center of gravity, allowing increased playability on mis-hits and superior launch.


But the MP-52s are not intended for the blade set, they are intended to attract those mid handicappers who have always felt that previous MP models were not forgiving enough for them. They are aimed at those who have played player’s clubs in the past, but now want a little more forgiveness.


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