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Reviews for Kenmore Model 48102


I am in the market to purchase a front load washer with a budget of about $ 700. I am reading through as many reviews as I can find on various makes and models and then summarizing them in an attempt to save my fellow consumers some time and effort. Kenmore is a unique case in that there isn’t really a single maker of all Kenmore appliances. Kenmore is the Sears brand, and they purchase and re-brand appliances from other manufacturers. Kenmore does have a wide selection of models of front load washer, and based on the number of reviews out there it is a generally popular overall brand.

Features of the Kenmore 48102 are:

3.5 cubic feet of capacity

Durable stainless steel wash basin

Quick wash setting cleans clothes in 30 minutes

Various settings for optimal cleaning based on load composition

Saves 69% of the water and 60% energy over a typical top load model

high speed spin cycle reduces dryer time by getting maximum water out of clothes

Energy Star Certified

With an average rating of only 3.5 this model does not get rave ratings. That said, I feel these ratings are representative of what this Kenmore 48102 front load washer really delivers. Of reviewers only 64% owning one would recommend it.  People who did positively review this Kenmore front load washer mentioned its ease of use and efficiency. Strangely, also heavily represented in the pros is value for money. Capacity is also listed as a major plus for this front load washer, but this is typical of all front load washers. Many commented about the quiet cycles, and that the clothes came out dryer than from their old top load washers; even people who ultimately gave a poor review noted these two pros.


Unfortunately, the negatives reviews for this Kenmore front load washer out number those positives. There are complaints of mold growth on the seal or a musty odor developing if the door is left closed between uses, but this is the chief complaint against all front load washing machines. Much more unique to this Kenmore front load washer are the number of major reliability concerns. A much greater percentage of reviewers for this front load washer reported multiple repairs being necessary than most front loaders. Most of the repairs needed did occur under warranty, but many consumers reported the need for multiple visits from technicians before the problems were fully resolved. In one extreme case, the whole machine was replaced under warranty, and then shortly later the new machine experienced a major failure.  Based on what I’ve read in the reviews I came across for this and other models of Kenmore front load washer, I can’t see myself purchasing any Kenmore washing machine. This model has by far the worse ratings of all models I’ve researched, while having the same price as the other makes and models. Given these two facts, I see no reason to purchase this Kenmore front load washer.

I am shopping for a front load washer, just trying to help out consumers by posting some summarized reviews.

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