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Reviewing Goodman Heat Pump Reviews


Negative Goodman heat pump reviews should not discourage anyone from learning more about this manufacturer’s products. At best, these reviews only cover a section of the market; notwithstanding, the nature of the complaints, which have to do with the unit malfunctioning, are not necessarily attributed to factory lapses. Other factors come into play, after a heat pump from Goodman has been purchased and unpacked at its destination.

First, the heat pump purchased may not have been the right type for the kind of environment and climate where it has been installed. Air heat pumps, in principle, create heat from the air outside where it is exposed. It is ideal in pleasant weather conditions where air is plenty for the heat pump to process. However, under extreme climates, air heat pumps still works, but it requires more energy and to produce a consistent amount of heat. As such, the air heat pump diminishes in efficiency after some time.

What should have been purchased though is a geothermal, or ground-source, heat pump. It is installed underground, so that heat is generated from a more stable environment. This second type of heat pump is more enduring and long lasting than the air-source. Goodman heat pump reviews are often kinder to its geothermal units. With a coefficient of performance (COF) value between 4.0 and 5.0 and a cooling mechanism that is just as effective, the geothermal heat pump of Goodman more than makes up for the classy price.

The manner of installation and maintenance of the unit also have significant roles to play in the performance of the heat pumps. It should be noted that heat pumps are primarily for the purpose of heating indoors. While it can be used in the reverse mode, that is, for cooling, frequently shifting its functions may compromise the state of the refrigerant, which accounts for the breakdown of heating coils in some brands of heat pumps.

It is plausible for heat pumps to be used in warming the water, but if the type and model of the heat pump are not intended for that purpose, it can contribute to the damage that the unit will experience at some point in time. In using a Goodman heat pump, it is always practical to study the specs and the manual that came with the unit.

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