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6849117860_7bc14bbc50_m carries a wide variety of electric remote control products including RC Helicopters, Remote Control Helicopters, RC Cars, RC Planes, and RC Boats. Think RC is a direct importer of all of our products which allows us to sell the highest quality products at the lowest prices. There are many choices when it comes to remote control toys which is why we fully test all our products to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products. All of our products are tested for long battery life and durability before we offer them for sale.

Many of the products you will find online are of inferior quality and do not last very long. Even within the same manufacturers and brands there are various ways of lowering the price like using NiCd batteries instead of LiPo batteries and changing motors to lower quality motors to cut costs. These shortcuts are are used by “fly-by-night” companies to get lower prices at the expense of the consumer. We are in this business for the long term and believe that keeping our customers satisfied is the key to our success. To ensure this, we make sure that all of the models we carry are made to our standards for the highest quality and longest battery life while still keeping prices low.

If you are just starting out we recommend you start with a mini rc helicopter. Most of the small helicopters are 2 channel and are great ways to start with a rc helicopter. These mini and micro remote control helicopters are designed for indoor flight and are ideal to fly around the house for hours of entertainment. For children it is a great remote control helicopter to start with and for adults it can be as equally entertaining to be able to fly a remote controlled helicopter indoors.

For the more advanced we offer the 3 channel and 4 channel electric rc helicopter. The more advanced rc helicopter requires a little more experience but are all easy to fly. If you are looking for an easy to fly model the 3 channel RC helicopter are a good place to start. If you want something a little larger and more stable, the 4 channel RC Helicopter are easy enough to fly for beginners.

All of the radio controlled helicopters we sell are RTF (Ready To Fly) straight out of the box and come fully assembled. If you are purchasing a remote control helicopter for a person under the age of 10 please purchase a toy helicopter.

We also offer RC Cars, RC Trucks, RC Airplanes, and RC Boats so feel free to browse our catalog.
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