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Review On How To Troubleshoot A Club Car Golf Cart


Today, it would be a rare thing to find a golf course without at least one golf cart. Before the introduction of these vehicles, the golfers had to bear the burden of carrying their golf clubs on their shoulders and they became tired very soon walking from one hole to another. The introduction of golf carts have made it easy for them to drive in their cart from one hole to another while storing their golf equipments in the cart. With the increased use of these vehicles, you can now find people using them even in their neighborhood and localities for a short ride or for carrying small loads without the need for taking their car.

Transportation have become easier and affordable now as the electric carts of today run with chargeable batteries and therefore saves on the fuel expense. But, in order to maintain the quality and durability of these carts, you have to offer more care and conditioning to your cart. If you are using an electric cart, you should check the condition of batteries and keep them fully charged regularly. You should also carry out regular maintenance and repair to keep it going. If you have purchased a Club Car Golf Cart, then you should offer it with more attention and care to retain its efficiency. This article can provide you with easy ways of troubleshooting your Club Car Golf Cart if you are not aware of how to do that.

Being a reliable and affordable option, most of the golfers today go for a Club Car Golf Cart. But you should also know the simple things that will keep your vehicle go for a long term. In order to start, you should first check whether the key and the gear settings are in the proper positions. The key has to be turned on for starting the cart and the gear should be kept on the central or neutral position. Depending upon what model you have chosen, you should also set the parking brake. In order to come in contact with the battery, you should remove the cart seat and always work while wearing protective gloves in your hand. You should tighten any loose cables of the batteries and check for any damage or corrosion on the battery terminals. The water level should be checked and added with distilled water if the level is not correct.

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