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Review of Flutterbuck


Flutterbuck is at this present time in pre-launch. What this company does is something quite clever. It utilizes the medium of “social buying power”. How it works is that the company have negotiated heavily discounted deals with places or establishments such as restaurants, shops, bowling alleys and museums throughout the USA and are looking to expand internationally. They are able to do this because they can guarantee businesses a minimum number of customers by only giving the offer if enough people buy. If the target of say 200 buyers isn’t met, then the deal is simply cancelled, as you only get charged when the minimum target is hit.


How this equates into a multi level marketing business is that you can pay anything between $ 0 and $ 497 to join the business and the relevant money you have paid to join will pre determine your compensation level. The compensation level is based on a “uni level” structure, which means that when you invite people to join the business you will also get paid a commission of their voucher sales. On top of this, you can earn commissions on all their distributors sales down to 8 levels depending upon the type of package that you have bought into.


Like all mlm businesses and Flutterbuck is no exception it will require a lot of marketing know how to actively recruit people into this business. They do give you a pre designed website and back office tools, but you need to know what you are doing.


Product choice is very important when looking at buying into a multi level marketing company, and in times of cutbacks and recession, discount vouchers may well be the perfect product choice. However from a business perspective, you will have to get people to buy into the Flutterbuck business plan fairly quickly in order for you to start making significant money. If you are confident at doing this, then you could possibly make some income.


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