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Summer is always a typhoon, rain will come often, so, on the rainy days of modeling knowledge was put on the agenda for the rainy season, the modeling problem, the development of 2009, can be said that plastic shoes and fashion a victory for the rendezvous , compared to last year’s CROCS shoes, plastic shoes, this fire is, but it is more a new term – jelly shoes, replacement of a camel into a new round of summer 2009 trend, and has grown from a practical props of clothing to a fashion-based element. The word plastic slippers, flat shoes with plastic, plastic high-heeled boots and other footwear to the color section series, in view of its transformation from a functional to a fashion-oriented results and its unique waterproofing properties, and we agreed that it is the rainy season fashion The best endorsement goods, we can enter a new round of rainy season fashion style of the times.
The tide of people, the popular plastic shoes is more like a “civilian fashion” victory, this colorful and environmentally friendly materials, and clothing can be a good match, in the practical degree of respect, it uses a special process because not easy to wear, rain wear is also easy to spin. Compared to the hundreds of million, requires careful collection of leather shoes, it also has an outstanding advantage is the great theme of environmentally friendly, plastic components can be broken down for recycling. Rubber texture of shoes is no longer exclusive rainy, sunny and you could wear boots out shopping, advertised the party you are rubber boots, this is really a great influx of choice.
Full of Cheap & Chic mean the boots, not only in the Glastonbury music festival the big pit in a large out of the limelight. In the once-“Mr. & Mrs.Smith” in, AngelinaJolie red boots have a classic style pedal. Although the boots, but after all, “Boots.” Therefore, it can not be changed is cool, the temperament of head loss. So with respect, may wish to move closer to the neutral point. Follow katemoss or AlexaChung, with solid boots with hot pants, so lower body Buzhi Yu too heavy, the upper body with a simple T-shirt, jacket British Gas has already full. If you want to look more womanly own some of the shorts can be replaced by this hot season high waist skirt, the effect is just as good.
Plastic shoes taller more gas field, from a distance, you do not see the difference with the average patent leather high heels, only to watch from the past, you will see out its PVC skin under the “simple and honest” temperament. Plastic high-heeled shoes with this program with the usual patent leather high heels with no two samples. The only difference is that, in order to meet the high-heeled plastic shoes QQ texture, bright colors, your choice of clothing can be more bold color play hit games. Katy Perry as the same, at the foot of the fish head is VIVIENNEWESTWOOD latest peach heart plastic high heels, upper body is feeling great flower VINTAGE suit and brightest instead of tacky, fully consistent with her “funny girl” of temperament .

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