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Questup Review 2009


Team iDemise have been around a long time. They first appeared in Counter Strike as a professional gaming team and dominated there for many years.

After taking their gaming expertise and knowledge gained in Counter Strike, the team applied their dedication and knowledge to dominating World of Warcraft.

They applied this knowledge not just in PvP as you might expect from a world class counter strike team, but also to creating super fast questing routes so that they could create all the class and race combos they required as quickly as possible.

As this information was gathered, Team iDemise started collecting it in an organised fashion, and a leveling guide was born. First, as a html and pdf file, and then as guides advanced they created an in-game leveling add on that could be used without alt tabbing out of WoW.

So how is the newest version of the Team iDemise leveling guide in 2009?

For starters the guide has taken on a fancy new name, “Questup”. I like the new name as it really describes what the guide does best – quest based leveling (which is the fastest way).

You won’t find any grinding in this guide which is great, as grinding is a terrible slow process and very boring.

One question I can’t answer about the guide is exactly how it works. Team iDemise obviously would rather keep this process a secret, but in essence this guide doesn’t operate like the other guides on the market.

Other guides are hand crafted – so their owners will sit down and map out the fastest route they personally have found in the game. These guides are only as good as their authors (and it depends on how much time and skill the author has).

Questup takes a different route. Basically, rather than being completely human edited, Questup tracks the fastest leveling routes from amongst the fastest levelers in the game.

Again, how Questup does this is a mystery, but in essence, the Team is getting dozens, scores, or perhaps even thousands of super fast leveling routes from WoW players and constructing the guide from that.

Awesome idea in my opinion, because while one owner might have a great route, there’s only so much time one person or team has to keep a guide up to date (and Blizzard change things often enough to keep guide owners very busy…).

Questup is very easy to use, its still an in-game guide like its older versions, and its a slim line, unobtrusive guide that keeps out of your way.

Questup also has a nice directional arrow that points the way for you, showing you where to go next and how far away your next objective is.

All in all, Team iDemise’s new guide, “Questup” is a great new tool that you should take advantage of if you have any low level toons or new characters you want to level up quickly.

Highly recommended!

Jon Weston is a World of Warcraft leveling guide expert who professionally reviews the web’s best guides, and shares them. If you’d like to find out more about Questup, you may find Jon’s Horde Leveling Guide comparisons and reviews helpful.

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