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Punch Classic Deluxe Cigar Reviews


Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra Strength: Full

Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan, Piloto Cubano Origin: Honduras

Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf

The Punch Deluxe line is a favorite for most cigar aficionados to have in their humidors. It fits many palates as well, as the Punch Deluxe cigars are a very complex cigar line. Some would say they are not for the novice, but if you are interested in trying a complex, full body cigar, any vitola from this collection would be a great place to start. Punch Deluxe cigars are offered in three sizes. The Chateau L 7.25 x 54, Chateau M 5.75 x 45, and Royal Coronation 5.25 x 44. They are also available in three wrapper choices Maduro, Double Maduro and EMS. The Royal Coronation is only available in the Maduro and EMS wrappers.

The General Cigar factory in Honduras is where the Punch Cigar line is produced. These are still hand rolled cigars and made in Honduras for the cigar market in America. This brand has been around well over one hundred years, which says a lot about the cigar and the fine tobaccos that are used. The Punch brand began back in the 1840’s with Manuel Lopez. He resided in Cuba and wanted to make a cigar that would attract the British market. During that same time, there was a very popular puppeteer show in Great Britain. It was called the Punch and Judy show, with Mr. Punch being the main character. Manuel thought he would tap into the popularity of the show and name his brand Punch Cigar after Mr. Punch. That decision deemed to be a good one as his cigar brand became extremely popular in Great Britain. Funny enough, the show itself can trace its roots back to the 1600’s. A long standing cigar, with an even longer standing name, both prove to be a success. In 1924, Manuel retired from the business. At that time, he gave brand ownership over to Esperanza Valle Comas. The brands final purchase was by a leading Honduran cigar maker, Villazon and Company. General Cigar purchased Villazon and Company in 1997. Even with all the acquisitions, the brand has only differed slightly from using Cuban tobacco to using the finest Honduran tobacco to be sold in the U.S. The cigar bands still have Manuel’s name on them as well. You can also see a humorous lithographed picture of Mr. Punch smoking a cigar on the boxes the Punch Deluxe are sold in.

The Punch Deluxe Royal Coronation has a flawless appearance. It is slightly oily and smooth to the touch. It is a firm and well packed cigar with no soft spots. The draw is a bit loose, but nothing that interferes with the enjoyment of the cigar. This stick produces lots of smoke from the first light up. The ash holds tight throughout the smoke and the flavor is fairly consistent through the whole cigar. However, the flavors do intensify towards the middle and end. It starts off being on the milder side with a nutty flavor, then quickly transitions to a more medium smoke. Into the second third, there is still the nuttiness, but hints of spice begin to ramp up the intensity. In the final portion, the aforementioned flavors are still present, just more complex by adding in a creaminess as well.

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