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Poynor Roofing Makes National News


There have been several roofing companies in the Arizona Area recently to be in the News, but Not many in the National News. One of the Roofing companies have been in the news several times because they are bringing hundreds of Jobs to the Phoenix Area.
The Reason Poynor Roofing was in the News
The Reason for Poynor Roofing making national news was because of our unique workers. In fact, we may have the only qualified roofer in the world with this status. This worker particularly likes to bark orders at his coworkers and they dont seem to mind.
I am referring to Bubba and that is not as unusual name as one would think when you find out the roofer in the National Spot light here is actually a roofing dog. This roofing Dog can climb ladders and likes to be on the roof. He even seems to like inspecting the work.
There are many dogs with many tricks but Bubba just does it as part of his job. Bubba likes to pace back and forth along the decking of the house. He has a Knack for sniffing out potential problems.
It is known that roofing can be hard on ones back from the constant leaning over and kneeling down. Bubba Never has seemed to have a back problem yet, never even mentioned it.
If any of the coworkers seems to have a forgetful moment, can’t remember what they are suppose to be doing, or for some reason seem to be getting off task Bubba has no problem reminding them “roof, roof!”
The actually dog is owned by one of the roofers, not the owner of the company. It doesnt actually go to all the jobs just on occasion, but seemed to draw a whole lot of attention Nationally. Just all in a good days hard work.
Watch the Poynor Roofing Dog Video
If you would like to see a video of our dog climbing ladders and inspecting roofs click the link below.

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