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by DVS1mn

If an photo is sepia tones, will that turn out?If its sepia tone it will come out Sepia tone. We can convert to black and white for you if you dont want sepia tone but it does come out really nice that way.

I want to order a locket but not have any picture engraved. Can I just order the locket without getting a picture engraved? Also, can yo also put paper pictures in the locket too? Does the locket come with plastic coverings for the pictures?We dont put the paper pictures in for you, however youre welcome to do so. The lockets can handle both paper pictures as well as our laser pictures. There is a plastic cover as well to hold your photographs. You can always send in your locket at a later time to have it lasered.
I would like to order a 14k yellow gold locket. Can you explain the difference between the ordinary locket and the premium weight – is there a difference (apart from the weight). i.e. is the ordinary locket flimsy or sturdy.Youre right the main difference between the regular lockets and the premium weight locket is weight. I feel the quality of the locket is the same. We have the same guarantees on the premium weight and as the others.

We digitally enhance your photos and can bring the two people close together in the photograph. Theres a special instructions box upon placing the order so that you can add any special requests. We can engrave a cross on the reverse side, again just let us know in the same box provided and well take care of it for you.
Since we are manufactures and stand by our product we offer a 100% lifetime guarantee. The items also come with a certificate of authenticity stating that guarantee with your own unique code.
We normally ship your Photo Pendant or Photo Locket within 3-4 business days. However, we understand that there are last minute shoppers out there, and we love to make sure that you are satisfied, so upon request we can ship same day or the very next day. Just let us know when you need your order in the “special instructions” box and we?ll be happy to accommodate. We manufacture all of the photo pendants and lockets, so it?s never a problem.

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