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Photos: Appreciate The Lake’s “emotions”

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by mrjyn

Cars would circle around the lake to turn down, tour guides and drivers, Alan, tell us that the goddess of the lake is propelled by tears of grief. Therefore, it is always so quiet, so clean, so to soften. Always thought that this child-like innocent and naive, is already on a lifetime thing, we just know how to socialize, compliment, disguise, pretense, just in the busiest city to do one of the most lonely person.

However, such accidents, the lake with the most gentle hands tear us all under the disguise of peace with all our enemies angry sad, excited with all of our emotions. This is a very sensational legend, but also a lack of creativity of the legend, but, facing the lake, facing the clear water which Wang, a seat blue sky, this is one of the most appropriate legend.

Lugu Lake, a place destined to fall in love, but also cherishing the memory of love is destined to a place. Even those who love the road have been there, miss the people, before it, and finally began to calm.

Before dark we finally arrive in time for the Lo village, which is the most popular lake in a village. Years Travel Development of the village apparently already adapted Luoshui coming and going of the South “donkey” North customer, every household will own ancestral family home converted into large and small-scale hotels, and even openly prominently in the entrance sign reads “24-hour hot water bath” to expect people to patronize the city. The lake side, groups of men and women of the Folk family, the program type to the foreigners coming and going of each selling their own horse or boat … …

This lake, and faint so we feel a little disappointed.

We expect that we like and transparent general, looking at Moso men and women freely walk, chat, play, or even love, but that one after the hotel sign, it always reminds us, today’s Lugu Lake, Mo people still are the masters, but we?? them with curiosity and excitement of the eyes of visitors, is the protagonist.

Until dusk, when the day the last column to the lake sparkling in the sunlight slanting side, we just had a revelation as a camel was overawed: That is what a bunch of light, with a holy golden, warm and bright, all around the sky gets dark and off in the pride and passion seems, is only a bias to accommodate forward to that place, yet rendering the whole village becomes the Lo Van Gogh Muse heart really tall temple. Even row of the pier parking is also very crude Zhu Caochuan glory to a layer of gold plated.

I began to stir up, got a bad heart, as if to see the west in the Holy Land then Tang Seng general. Like barking, to dance with, to bow down, people also can not move but how can only innocently standing there, facing the golden light, his eyes, his mouth only to spit out one word: “beautiful!” My friend frantically taking pictures, trying all the excitement made this eternal specimens. Without the camera I can only collect each fragment of greed and look forward to a day at midnight Guangzhou, to meet with them again in a dream.

This is the first day of the lake, from the subtle to the thrilling shock of the loss, but only a step in between. Lugu Lake, how many surprises.

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