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Photo: Vice President Navinfo Ho Ling

Beijing NavInfo Ling Ho, Vice President of Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Sponsored by the CCID Consulting Co., Ltd., “2009 7th Annual Meeting of Chinese consumer electronics market,” will be held March 5 in Beijing. The annual meeting of the “fashionable, seamless experience life” as the theme, from government agencies, trade associations and industry-leading business delegates for a total of more than 300 Chinese consumer electronics market and the industrial development of relevant topics in depth . Sina science and technology as the exclusive gateway to broadcast live coverage of the media to this meeting.

The following statement of its contents:

Ho Ling: All the leading ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, first of all to thank the organizers can give me such an opportunity here to share with you what we as an industry, we have some experience, of course, on some market analysis and statistical data, I would like to sponsor the race as a Di companies should have some of the more authoritative, I am here only as a member of the industry, our understanding of the situation and experience here to share with you.

I am here today to introduce with you, our knowledge and understanding of Chinese consumer electronics Navigation Some development of the map, another technology for the development of electronic map, the trend of an introduction, eventually would like to take this opportunity to our company here to make a brief introduction.

First of all, there are some figures that which we do for some reference, in 2008 consumer navigation market, in fact, a whole, should be better than 2007 is very significant for rapid development. Especially in mobile, in a navigation-enabled mobile phone development, this should be very, very fast, in 2008, according to statistics, in fact, sold about 3.4 million navigation-enabled mobile phones, but it is actually in, We all know from the second half of 2008, the overall impact of the international financial crisis, making the whole economy are cooling. In this case, in China, in our country GPS Phone sales also reached such a level, so it shows the strength of the market GPS phone. We would also like GPS mobile phone market in 2007 should also be further sustainable development.

Other PND market in China, we understand the situation, last year 2008, approximately 107 million units sold. Of course, this statistics should be said that there is a brand that the figures may be, we understand the situation, PND marketplace, or is still some white card machines, the impact on these markets is still very large. We also understand the fact, last year 2008 sales of PND on the real product, should be more than 150 million units, meaning that consumers buy in the last year in fact among PND products is greater than the white-card machines, also regular brands to our products in this market a tremendous impact on the form.

Fact, PND market in 2008, which, there are some features. The first fact in this the year, PND market prices, also is there a big drop further over the past 3000,4000 dollar high-end machine, basically the price range in 2000,3000, low-end price fell close to 1000 dollars, of course, this price decline, market growth for last year provided the impetus. But in fact the growth of PND or slower than expected. But there are some relatively good sign, and consumer brand awareness has increased, international brand market share has been further improved. This PPT is

first introduced GPS navigation mobile phone market to develop, from a number of mainstream products in the market share which can be seen in the last year among China’s GPS phone market, the absolute share of the market is Nokia, the global brand products. GPS mobile phone market in the characteristics of them, or some of them focus on international brands, especially smart phones, GPS mobile phone sales is the driving force.

Other features from the product point of view, and now mobile phones last year, there have been a, that is, as the leading mobile phone manufacturers, as mobile phone itself has a communication function, in addition to mobile phones outside of their own to provide navigation features to further increase its online capabilities, This is the GPS mobile phone market last year, which, from product functional perspective, the scope and trends of this very obvious.

This is the PND market, and some of these figures, as I have described, is that some high-end consumer brand recognition gradually, we can all manufacturers from the sales volume and market share occupied by them can be seen get, which explains, in our country after 05,06,07 PND market development in recent years, consumers are increasingly mature, the market has further, gradually detached from the situation entirely by low-cost access to to the overall consumer, begin product quality, product features, etc. With a more reasonable understanding of the market which makes brand effect, which last year received a great deal of development.

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