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[photo] Pciexpress The World’s First Capture Card On Sale – The Video Card, Radio, Edit – Hc

Blackmagic Design the world’s first PC I Express DeckLink Extreme capture card has been officially put on sale

DeckLink Extreme PCIe capture card Blackmagic Design mainly late and television Broadcasting Industry manufacturing the world’s highest quality video cards. It has a leading quality video cards DeckLink family changed the industry and make everyone can afford high-definition television programs Make .

BlackmagicDesign is a post-production industry from a distinguished editors and engineers from a company. From the post-production sector in Singapore come the industry knowledge and experience will be timely feedback to our products among industry colleagues so they can introduce to the most creative equipment of all types.

Holland, Amsterdam, IBC2005?? 2005 9 9 ?? BlackmagicDesign today announced the world’s first for the high-end editing, rendering and broadcast effects, and based on PCIExpress with 10bitSDI and high-quality analog component / Composite video interface capture card?? DeckLink Extreme PCIe.

PCI Express interface, greater than the original PCI-X100/133 bandwidth for uncompressed SD and HD to achieve high material transport stream to bring new solutions, PCI-X133’s bandwidth of 1066MB / s, PCI Express staggering 8000 MB / s

DeckLink Extreme PCIe is the company’s famous DeckLink Extreme capture card PCIExpress version, with a new high-speed PCI Express 1 lane interface, speed up to 2.5Gbps, is 6 times the speed of FireWire program.

With this small one-channel PCI Express interface, the new DeckLink ExtremePCIe card supports high-speed implementation of the multi-layer effects is very good. It is compatible with new high-speed WindowsPC Motherboard While fully compatible with 1,4,8, and 16-channel PCI Express slots.

Wiring diagram DeckLink ExtremePCIe can be connected to Renyiyitai broadcast standard definition video equipment, because it 10bitSDI and analog component video was integrated into a single small low-cost PCIExpress card, only use a PCIe slot!

DeckLink Extreme PCIe expansion properties are on Windows XP TM And DirectShow support, and for with more than 40 kinds of 8 bit, 10 bit, and DV Real-time effects and transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro TM 1.5 The complete custom driver.

Enhanced quality and on all broadcast video equipment connectivity
DeckLink Extreme PCIe highest quality 10 bit uncompressed SDI video interface to make it connect high-end broadcast video equipment (such as Digital Betacam TM , D5, and D1) of the perfect program. Even in the most frequent multi-generation rendering and video processing, true 10bit SDI capture retains all the subtle details of the image.

When connected to as Betacam SP TM This video equipment, DeckLinkExtreme is the only one to support full analog component YUV video capture card, low-cost, get very clear images, make full use of the BetacamSP 4:2:2 analog video. Six on-board analog power optimized specifically for BetacamSP formats DeckLink Extreme’s analog connections.

BetacamSP is used in digital processing of the chroma time domain multiplexing. To get the highest quality analog tape format, BetacamSP in each separate video heads record Color And luminance signal. BetacamSP able to provide high-quality color and low noise of all analog signals, which is the hallmark of the tape format, while DeckLinkExtreme is to collect such high-quality signal designs.

DeckLinkExtreme continuation of this classic tape format in post production and broadcast industry life cycle, when necessary, can be quickly connected to more advanced SDI based video equipment, and all this is in the same piece of hardware board to achieve.

DeckLink Extreme also has an excellent analog audio support. DeckLinkExtreme XLR from a very solid interfaces to provide users with full 24bit professional balanced analog audio. Onboard professional analog XLR based audio interface is ideal for connecting professional mixer board or other external device.

The card also comes with high-quality digital audio monitoring for SPDIF / unbalanced AES audio output, genlock input and RS-422 serial remote control port.

Enhanced functionality DeckLink Extreme is not just one for Premiere Pro’s NLE Card, as it continued with praise Blackmagic DeckControl procedures. You can use this program the serial control port on the tape mark in, out point, automatically collect the selected clips. All deckcontrol are automatic. The work is completed, you can use the workstation to generate record to tape.

DeckControl is free binding. When you deal with network streaming, digital effects, color correction or broadcast design and you do not use non-compiled software, DeckControl very useful. It allows you to third-party software in the case of non-completion.

DeckLink Extreme also comes with our LiveKey procedures. With it, you can DeckLinkExtreme into a keying device. It can be based on the RGB input video on the type of graphics, and can SDI and analog signal output.

LiveKey very convenient to bring your display by adding logo or a quick bug, no doubt you are in the live broadcast environment, the perfect partner.

“This card has many excellent features and high quality, Blackmagic Design’s CEO , Grant Petty says, “Now BlackmagicDesign to provide you with a cheap and capable of handling a multi-layer uncompressed editing with effects WindowsPC program!”

Windows XP PCI Express-based systems DeckLink ExtremePCIe about to be launched in two weeks, and around the world BlackmagicDesign authorized resellers listed. Please check for more product and reseller information.

Blackmagic DeckLink Extreme PCIe features:

– Digital SMPTE-259M 10 bit SDI Input

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