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Of: Tarrif Radio and Television Bureau Dan Zhibin
This article describes the development of future networks: NGN technologies, including: NGN concept, research and trends, architecture, the main technical advantages. And the transformation of the existing network was discussed.

1 NGN basic concepts and characteristics
NGN (Next GenerationNetwork, referred to as NGN) is an emerging technology. NGN is like a newborn, although we know it will grow up, but we do not know what the end it will grow, and in its growth process is bound to encounter this or that problem, some anticipated and, some do not. So far, no organization or authority of a proposed standard on the strict definition of NGN. So, what is NGN?

NGN is a packet-based network, to provide telecommunications services; use a variety of broadband capacity and QoS guaranteed transmission technology; its business-related functions independent of its transmission technology. NGN enables the user to free access to different service providers; NGN supports universal mobility. NGN is a “Next Generation Network (Next Generation Network)” or “next-generation network (NewGenerationNetwork)” acronym. NGN softswitch core is able to provide voice, video, data and other integrated multimedia services, using open, standard architecture to provide rich next-generation network. From a development perspective, NGN is from the traditional circuit-switched PSTN-based networks gradually move towards a packet-switched based, it carries all the existing PSTN network business, to unload a lot of data transfer to the IP network PSTN network in order to reduce the heavy load on, he IP technology, new features to increase and enhance the many new and old business. In this sense, NGN is based on TDM-based PSTN voice network and IP / ATM packet network convergence product, it makes the next-generation network, voice, video, data and other integrated services as possible. Next generation network system architecture using open network system, which has the following three characteristics:

(1) the traditional functions of the switch module as an independent network separate components, each component can be divided by the corresponding function developed independently.

Protocol interface between components based on appropriate standards.
Parts of the original made gradually opening up the telecommunications network, operators can freely mix according to the needs of business functions of the various parts of products to form the network. Standardized interface between the protocol components to achieve a variety of heterogeneous networks can communicate.

(2) next generation network is business-driven network, its features are: business and call control call and bearer separation.

Separate goal is to make business truly independent of the network, flexible and effective implementation of business delivery. Users can define their own configuration and characteristics of your business, do not care about the form of bearer services network and terminal types. Make services and applications provide greater flexibility.

(3) next generation network is based unified protocol packet-based network. Existing information networks, regardless of the telecommunications network, computer network and cable television is not possible to where a web-based platform for growth of information infrastructure, but in recent years with the development of IP, it makes people truly aware Telecommunications network, computer network and cable television networks will eventually brought together into a unified IP network, that is, people often called “triple play” convergence trend, IP protocol allows a variety of IP-based business online can be achieved in different exchange , the first man with a uniform for the three major network communication protocol acceptable to all, from the technical to the National Information Infrastructure (NII) has laid the most solid foundation.

2 NGN scope of the study and development trends
NGN has a broad meaning, its very wide scope of the study, the main content of the study are: new business and application; network delivery of infrastructure; network architecture; IP network technology; network integration; exchange and interoperability; new the control, management and operation and maintenance mechanisms; the network elements; new network protocol; network security systems and technologies; testing technology.

NGN should be better than today’s networks, it will have a higher rate to support more business, more comprehensive approach to support multiple services, support multiple service levels of QoS, operation / maintenance / management more simple and economical. NGN network technology and operations, will have a variety of access and core network services in the community; as the diversity of network technology, interoperability and interoperability will become a major problem; NGN (IPv6, 3G, and WDM) will be widely used to provide broadband, high-quality, safe services; new communication software will drive the development of customized value-added services; standards will play an important role in NGN. In conclusion, NGN is a very broad concept, it is the future to discuss the content of network-related aspects of the matter, it is not just Internet, mobile, IPv6, optical or business, but all of these combined.

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