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Ikegami company developed the world’s first portable video camera TK-61 first-ever live broadcast of the U.S. manned rocket scene. Ikegami company to produce the world’s first portable color camera HL-312 and created a new era in news gathering. Ikegami pioneered by the first generation of computerized Camera HK-312 declaring the start of computerized cameras.

March 21 Beijing 2006CCBN show, in the Ikegami product agents?? Beijing Far East International United Technology Co., Ltd. booth, the show has been renowned in the world, is recognized as the best standard definition studio cameras Ikegami HK-399PW and HL -60W. SD for the studio cameras, Ikegami HK-388PW and HL-45W The two models we may not be familiar, however, deal with the Chip C4 ASIC chips come out, Ikegami SD studio cameras have a qualitative leap. Following the HK-388PW and HL-45W, the new HK-399PW and HL-60W SD studio cameras used for the high-definition (HDTV) developed the largest studio cameras can be handled, 38-bit digital processing IC design specifications 0.18 m Chip C4 ASIC processing chip to achieve high image quality, high function. In addition, because the camera focused on the internal signal processing one chip, thus achieving a compact, lightweight and low power consumption.

HK-399PW 14-bit all-digital standard definition video camera

HK-399PW inherited HK-388PW addition to all the advantages, there is a huge increase its performance. The latest design and development of AITCCD, its sensitivity up to F11, 100,000 times in the measurement of vertical spot light level up to-135dB. Automatic setting function of the optical system and CCD camera so the video part of a comprehensive integrated automatic settings on the camera can automatically test accurate diagnosis. Thanks to newly developed digital processing IC and signal processing, machine consumes only 10W (HK-388PW power 20.5W), greatly reduces the internal body temperature, so the machine and greatly improved the stability of electronic components extend the service life and greatly reduce the camera size and weight. E-mail software can quickly upgrade to the latest data downloaded to SmatrMedia card into the camera and then download to complete.

  After the introduction of C4 chips, HK-399PW as the world’s best studio SD cameras with a variety of new technical features:

1,14-bit A / D converter The world’s first broadcast video camera on a 14-bit A / D converter, get a more natural shadow gray levels (38-bit internal calculation), the effect over all the digital camera to date. Due to the early part of the digital processing IC circuit within the built-in knee extension could be turning point for pre-treatment and lost some of the high-brightness linear recovery. Therefore, after the digital processing in the context of 600% linear signal processing. Thereby the turning point, stray light and other characteristics.

2, the contours of the new development of compensation to the clarity of the screen being substantially increase

Newly developed profile compensation, compared with the past, increased more in detail some of the edge, to prevent a larger part of the difference in brightness is not natural to add the edge, it feels more natural edges.

Chip C4’s use, to ensure the signal to noise ratio will not deteriorate, get a clear sense of more subtle. HK-399PW early stage of the chip C4 deal with a speed (38MHz), making the edge of its performance is greatly improved. 4:3 mode, and can be fixed with a 4:3 CCD clear sense of the same screen effect.

3, SNR:-66dB New CCD signal processing, pre-release unit to improve, the number of remaining analog circuits, low noise wave 14-bit A / D converter used to achieve a – 66dB signal to noise ratio. In addition, the image of the D / A converter with 12-bit D / A converter. Our pursuit is not just numbers, but also contribute to the quality of analog images.

4,3 layer filter

Built-in filter for the attenuation (100%, 25%, 6.2%, 1.6%), special effects (clear, star, snowflake, soft focus) of the two glass filter discs and electronic color compensation (3200K/4300K / 6300K/8000K) three-tier structure. Three kinds of filters used in combination, can be obtained in a variety of different environments into the most consistent color temperature of light intensity, depth and variety of image expression. All filter vest by OCP, MCP, and remote control for servo.

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