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Photo Editing Or Digital Scrapbooking Software – Which Is Best for Scrapbooking?

Photo Editing Software

When you use it for your digital scrapbooking, a photo editing software solution focuses primarily on each and every page individually. Nearly all professionals make use of such software solutions to craft their unique digital albums. Generally, this kind of software solution brings you powerful tools to help you create and edit album pages individually. You get to use a wide selection of objects like photos, backdrop papers, embellishments and journaling.

Major advantages are –

• Tools for multifaceted photo editing
• A broad range of creative effects
• Precise control over the page elements
• Exceptional tools for producing page elements, like background papers and embellishments
• Strict control on page properties like size, shape and resolution

Digital Scrapbooking Software

Such software application tends to take a broader view of your digital album making quest. On the whole, it’ll excel at making whole albums fast. It lets you work with an entire album all together as opposed to the approach of working on individual pages. Then again, the number as well as quality of available tools for controlling or editing page objects does vary greatly from one software solution to another.

Advantages in particular –

• Impressive user-friendly approach
• Fast creation of album and page
• Sometimes lets you drag and drop photos and similar page objects
• Ready scrapbooking graphics are included (i.e. embellishments, templates of page layout or background papers)
• Program functions specific to user’s interests
• Numerous sharing options like DVDs, movie clips/files, photo books or image files

The verdict

The software solution that would suit you best will depend on the level of experience or expertise you’ve got as well as on the extent of your detail orientation and on the amount of time you’d want to invest in digital scrapbooking. Veteran scrapbook makers who want absolute control on each and every feature of their album’s pages generally prefer using photo editor software for its wide expanse of editing capabilities. On the other hand, a newbie may prefer a digital scrapbooking software solution, since it’s easier to use.

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