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Peg Perego Prima Viaggio Car Seat Review


When I found out that I was pregnant a million things ran through my mind like what kind of car seat, stroller, crib, diapers etc. I researched everything over and over online and got opinions from every girlfriend that already had a child. One of the items that stressed me out the most was the infant car seat. I wanted something that I could feel completely secure with in terms of safety and something that was easy to carry around in stores, doctors offices, etc. When it finally came down to choosing, I picked the Peg Perego Prima Viaggio SIP 30/30 and I have been extremely happy with it.

Peg Perego makes sure that their car seats cost through incredibly stringent Side Impact Safety Test and this car seat passed with flying colors. One thing I loved about this seat is that it will work with any of the strollers made by Peg Perego so I wasn’t stuck choosing one that wasn’t comfortable for me.

Some of the things that this car seat features/includes are:

A LATCH system base that is easily installed and secured to your vehicles seat but you can also use this seat without a base.
A five-point harness that is padded to help protect your infant from all angles.
It has an adjustable hood so you can cover your baby to keep them out of the sun or rain.
There is a level that will show you whether or not the car seat is correctly installed.
It is certified for use on an airplane to help make your travels easier.
It comes in lots of different colors to match your lifestyle and stroller.

This car seat is in my opinion a great and safe choice for transporting your infants from the time they are 5 pounds up until they are 30 pounds or over 30 inches in length.

Visit for a large selection of car seats and accessories for infants and toddlers including the Peg Perego Prima Viaggio.

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