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Panasonic HDC-SDT750 Reviews

Panasonic has another feather in its crown that is the Panasonic HSC SDT750. So welcome the new experience of a 3D experience and make way for it to rise above all other s in no time as it is the first one to introduce something of this category to the world. The world’s first consumer 3D camcorder that comes with a 3D conversion lens is now available in the market. Now you can have life like 3D pictures with the HDC-SDT750. This elegant and smart camcorder is easy and you can shoot all by yourself. Previous to this model, there were 3Ds that needed professional equipment and were quite complex to operate. The Panasonic camcorder comes with advance 3MOS system, along with vivid 3D images that make the pictures to be absolutely realistic and natural. The camcorder also comprises of full HD 1080/60p progressive movie recording, intelligent auto and the hybrid OIS.

Shooting is now fun and easy so make the most of it with the Panasonic HDC-SDT750 and you will get some of the most precious moments saved for a life time. This world’s first consumer 3D camcorder is a powerful camcorder that created 3D images as in movies and can be easily viewed at home. In addition the 700 series is provided with 3MOS system that works like the human vision. Surprised?? Well that’s true the left and the right eye images too can be simultaneously recorded by two lenses. The conversion lens can record two 960×1080 pixel images, which then produces stereoscopic image and is played on a 3D capable television. The camcorder also records full 1080 video and provides a 5.1 channel audio recording feature with the use of five microphones.

The interesting part of the HDC-SDT750 is that even though it comprises of three-CMOS, the camcorder can work with a dual lens setup and therefore you are not stuck up with the three dimensions. The 3D conversion has detachable camera, along with the dual lens 3D attachments onto the F1.5, 12X optical zoom Leica lens.

The Panasonic camcorder also comes with some interesting features like the Hybrid OIs image-stabilization system, motion-tracking autofocus, 5.1 channel surround-sound recording and manual controls.The Panasonic camcorders price list is $ 1400. Going by the interest created in the market, it is sure going to be a hit with the consumers as it is an attractive and a high tech camcorder.

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