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Of Avs-based Remote Video Monitoring System (photos)-avs, Remote Video Surveillance, Remote

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With the continuous development of China’s industry, industry growing complexity of network structure, but due to a number of hub units dispersed and remote geographical location and other characteristics of the management of the network created a lot of inconvenience, with remote Video Surveillance To improve the automation of industrial management become increasingly important.

With computers, video encoding and network transmission Technology The rapid development of video monitoring technology to achieve a great leap in video coding technology as remote video monitoring of key technologies, are everyone’s concern. At present, the video surveillance system, mainly used in image compression Standard H.261 and MPEG-1, in applications with poor adaptability and limitations of user interaction. In recent years resulting MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263, H.264 video coding standards such as higher data compression ratios, especially in H.264 for its high quality, low stream, adaptability the characteristics of more and more widely used in video surveillance systems.

The above criteria in the patent pool fees, intellectual property and technology complexity, there exist certain problems which restrict their development. Can China’s independent intellectual property rights and the establishment of a performance the same or better than other standard video coding standard, to become an important issue we face. In this case, AVS (audio video coding standard) into our line of sight.

1 AVS video coding standard (1) AVS major technological improvements AVS with a lot of advanced technology to ensure its performance is a more advantage of new standards. AVS standard completed by the end of 2003 Part 2 (AVS1-P2 hereinafter referred to as AVS video standard) mainly for high-definition, high-quality digital television, digital storage media and other related applications. It has four major characteristics: high-performance, coding efficiency than MPEG-2 more than 2 times higher, and the coding efficiency of H.264 fairly; computational complexity lower than H.264; of software and hardware costs are lower than H.264; patent licensing model is simple, cost significantly less than that standard.

AVS and H.264 video standard uses a similar technology framework (Figure 1), including transform, quantization, entropy coding, intra prediction, inter prediction, loop filtering technology modules.

AVS video standard to achieve the advanced technology as the main.
Figure 1 Road entropy coding First, AVS uses k (k = 0,1,2,3) order Exp-Golomb (index Columbus) encoding, CBP (macro block coding template), the macro block mode and motion vector index such as Columbus, with 0-order coding, quantization coefficient Columbus code using all four indices, using 2D-VLC for its coding. Because of the Exp-Golomp coding table has been adjusted, AVS decoder does not need to store coding tables. The syntax elements can be simple with a choice of look-up table to decode. AVS-defined mapping table even though only 19 less than 2Kbyte space occupied, but it can well adapt to different distribution, and has a high coding capacity.

Road conversion, and quantization

And H.264, and MPEG-2 is different, AVS uses 8 8 integer transform. In order to reduce quantization and inverse transform solution of the rounding error, AVS also set up a special program specifically, and all kinds of operations can be completed within the 16-bit.

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